Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sil Vous Plait...

As I have been told that I should wait until June or later to invest in a Powerbook because they are going to have something to do with Intel? At this hour my brain refuses to remember what exactly.

So Please Advvise ...Should I wait or should I not?


Anonymous said...

Chinmayi, check this Forum Thread. Hope it helps...

This is also an interesting article in Business Week.


Anonymous said...

just means mac machines are gonna ship with intel processor instead of the standard and tried 'n tested ibm powerpc processor.

still think a high end x86 (intel,amd) laptop like compaq/dell would give you maximum benifits. esp with the opensource wave thats hapenning. just got my amd turion laptop from the US and am so happy.

if you've used macs before then its worth investing in a powerbook, but if ur are windows user, a x86 windows laptop is the way to go.

hope this helps.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Anonymous: Point is I dont think a windows platform is stable enough for Video or Audio recording. Please let me know if I am wrong

Chez said...

Ya, its just that Apple will be shipping with intel Processors.. Apple laptops are always gr8 in power specific operations... than windows platform.

B said...

Chinmayi...with is much more stable than what it used to be. You might be already aware of this..but just wanted to mention. I transfer all the camcorder recordings onto pc and burn them on DVD and usually there has not been any problem.

I do not know about Apple and Intel thing other than the business news that they have a deal. In general...these days...with computers and digital cameras...there is going to be something new every 6 we just have to buy them and plan for retiring them in less than 3 years.

ATT said...

Apple Mac is better anyday for Audio and video recordings than windows.
stability point - you are right, windows might not be that stable, but softwares like soundforge and audacity are there for audio (i have no idea for video)!

but AMD processor is a better option for multimedia related works... than intel

Anonymous said...

anonymous again.

dont want to start a flame war, but your fears (though valid) are unfounded. i have been using windows for over 6 years now and have'nt had a single virus/spyware/malware/intrusion attack. simple reason: taking precautions and using common sense. i use:

1. windows auto updates turned on with latest service packs and patches.
2. avg free antivirus which autoupdates.
3. zonelabs firewall (free)
4. using non-ms email client like mozilla or thunderbird or even gmail.
5. proper ie browser security (medium) or using a non-ie browser like opera (or firefox.
6. ms-antispyware (free till it lasts-june 06)

bascially i have'nt been doing anything fancy except the above. i've never worked in a mac 'n hence not qualified to comment on it. ofcourse there is always linux which works on both windows and mac (eg: the mostly user friendly linux imo: pclinuxos). but thats another story.

if i were you, i'd stick with windows esp xp with all patches.

Anonymous said...

Any day Mac for Audio Video stuff. Why do you think the US media uses Apple instead of PC? Undoubtedly apple is the best, I use it for graphics. I have an iBook. However in India I dont know how good you get services for apple. A machine doesnt come without flaws.

I love your anubullah snehidhiye song. I heard it and was reminded so much of my chennai home!

Anonymous said...

its not just about stability and security. its a whole new experience. try it out.


Metlin said...

Macs are cool for multimedia and processing, but only if you're doing high-end stuff. For the most part, things like Reason run well on Windows and a stable Windows box would serve you just as well. Then again, Macs have their own benefits, but be warned that you would have a hard time getting hold of the music/video processing software in India and their hardware upgrades cost a pretty penny. Of course, I know musicians and journalists/video editors here who use both, so ultimately it boils down to your preference. If you are starting out fresh and are not looking at any short-term upgrades, the Powerbook is a good choice.

Anonymous said...

The powerbook is a nice choice if the primary use is for audio/video recording. I guess most of the studios use Macs and PowerPCs.Very powerful and stable. But, with the current IBM processor,chances are, all the relevant software updates needed to keep the laptop current (from both Apple and independent developers) will begin to disappear because of Apples shift to intel processors. Patience is a virtue.

bharat said...

The Powerbook is a nice choice if the primary use is audio/video recording. Stable and Powerful. I guess most of the studios use Macs and PowerPCs. Great support for both Nuendo and ProTools. But,chances are, all the relevant software updates we need to keep the laptop current (from both Apple and independent developers) will begin to disappear when Apple makes the shift to intel processors. Patience is a virtue.