Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Kumgumam Interview


Schmetterling said...

nice pic ! i think the color particularly suits you.

Aboorva said...


Kumudam Article was Fine By this every one should Understand How great we are!

Gokmax said...

Honestly you have accepted we are good .... ha ha


Vijayashankar said...

Yeah right!


Vijayashankar said...

I missed to forward your address to the book publishers... (did you visit Vidloka Mylapore?)

;-) for the books ammani!

BTW, you do 3 jobs isnt it? singer, RJ and translator? Where do ya find time? Do you sleep just 4 hours like Indra Nooyi? (read todays ET?)

Unknown said...

My name is Nidhi Taparia. I write for Elle magazine. Am doing a story on blogging. Was wondering how I could speak with you. Can you email me at or call me 9821183144. Really would like to have u as a part of my story! Running against a deadline, so pls pls call!

Unknown said...


Chinmayi /Chinmayee
How are you?
my name is ASHISH ASHOK VYAS, I am final year student of architecture in MIT College of Aurangabad, in Maharashtra. In our last semister of academics we have thesis on architectural projects which ever we choose. As, i m the fan of a r rahman sir, n very much interested in music i have choosen 'NAAD - CENTRE FOR MUSIC' as my disseratation topic. For this i have to study the studio of A R RAHMAN as the part of my case study for project.
I have official permission letter from my college. But i think that a r r is and will be busy. So there should be request before coming to chennai from me but i dont have any tele contact of arr sir. i was knowing your blog n also contact from there, and also you beautifully sang the two melodious song of GURU, i thought that you if you wish you can help me to get sucess in my thesis n have my dream come true, to meet or see the god of music i call him, A R RAHMAN.
waiting for positive reply.
thanking you

yourrs faithfully
Ashish A Vyas