Thursday, March 08, 2007

In Melbourne

For the 2nd set of concerts and I leave from here on Sunday night..
Though I have always known that I am a workaholic, I see that I am not able to handle free time.
We have rehearsals this evening. And I see that songs from my discography that are not that popular in Chennai are pretty popular here.
I ma having a great time with Janaki amma here.. We have some family connections that got wayyyy back.
We drove around Melbourne a bit and checked out the shopping malls. Nothing interesting to shop here though.
Things I got to know here:
I see that you will be fined if you hit a spider or a snake that comes into your home.
Wear a seat belt even if you are in the back seat
A lot of Indian faces
Most Oz men are good looking and tall. Awesome!!
People get paid here on a weekly basis or fortnightly basis as well.
Supermarkets shut down between 5 and 6 in the evenings but remain open during Thursdays and Fridays until late as those days are paydays
Fuel prices go up on these pay days by about 10 or 20 cents and they rollback by Monday.
And generally life is pretty laid back here. People go to work at about 8 in the morning and are back by 5.
Melbourne doesn't have a stable weather. Temperatures drop and rise well at the drop of a hat.
I like the game shows on local TV here..
SUN TV is telecast here one day late. They record all the programmes on Sun TV and play them the next day.
People use the horns in their car only to convey their displeasure about the other drivers. Ah for silence.

Last weekend was the Mardi Gras here. Was supposed to be a major event, but I seem to have missed it.

Any way, I am waiting to get back home. .That is where my heart is.. and where the music is.

(Disclaimer: the information I have posted about Australia is hearsay. It need not be a super fact)


Unknown said...

well.. its the experience.. of knowing culture, people, history,, that's fun for sure..

few to explore/. if that interest you:
* appreciate the unique Aboriginal Art in the many galleries in the city.

* Melbourne does not require people to tip for services... only tip if you feel you want to.

* street art - When it comes to the subject of graffiti in Melbourne, one man's street art is another man's vandalism.

* Moomba festival, held each March, is Melbourne's Carneval, with many events culminating in the colourful Moomba procession. (check local listings)

* always get garlic sauce on a Souvlaki!!! Only really see Souvlakis in Greece(now my home city)) and Melbourne

* Melbourne was the first city to have prams

* March is Grand Prix month -- check local listings

and ofcourse.. happy woman 's day..;)

balar said...

Nice to see ur post again from Aust..
/*We have rehearsals this evening/
oho..Do u take rehersals for every concert???

/*Most Oz men are good looking and tall. Awesome!!*/ Is it :)

/*SUN TV is telecast here one day late.*/

Post some concert videos..Good luck.

Unknown said...

Hi C,
Good to know u had fun in Melbourne and got more eye candy. By the way, the Mardigras happens in Sydney and not Melbourne. You get to see some of the best male specimens but they are all mostly "gay"at the mardigras.
Pity there was no time for you to check them out!!
Just need to head back soon.