Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pictures from the Canada Trip

The pictures from my recent Toronto trip are in FlickR. I published from Flickr once. But now I seem to have lost it. How do I get the pics from Flickr on to my blog?

Update: In my Photo Blog.I forgot about the 'Blog This'!


Vishesh said...

from the pic's page,you can do two things-

go to post the pic on a blog.

or all sizes-for the URL.

If you are going to post more images the URL is better,since i haven't found a way for posting more than one in the first way..

Anonymous said...

Should help :) and also

anantha said...

If your's is a free account, you can "see" only your 200 latest pics on Flickr. Apparently the pics are not deleted. You just wont be able to see it or link it. Of course all this is moot if yours is a paid account.

Unknown said...

you can link you flickr and blogspot by settingup here

then on every(your)photos.. you will get 'blog this' options using which you can publish photos to your blog post.

hope this helps.. /Yuva

Srini said...

gmail photos is nice and there is no hiccups with it
while uploading photos to the blogspot the photos r get automatically uploaded to google photos account.
photos can also be added using picasa software which is quite fast.
y not u make a try in future.
since u r using blogspot, google photos will be matching ur requirements.


PurpleHeart said...

Hello Chinmayi,

Would not be able to comment on the FlickR query of yours. But I just wanted to tell you that your Blog was a nice dicovery. It's brilliant to see that you make time out of all the singing and hosting and business you do, to put your thoughts into paper (ok, E-paper) and share it with fellow bloggies. Way to go !!


Anonymous said...


where is the step by step guidelines to set a flickr html badge on your blog

you can follow these instructions and instead choose a flickr flash badge as it's cooler

do have any info regarding this low profile singer "vijay prakash", i chance upon his singing in youtube
what a singer,truly really good singers keep a low profile and dont blog for getting noticed

Anonymous said...

ohhh wow Chinmayi you came to Canada. I also live in Toronto, Canada. You probably came with A.R Rahman. I just wanted to say that I saw some of Nikhil Mathew's singing programs on the net and I fell completely in love with his voice. He seems like a really great person that isn't self centered. Hope he goes a great way in life and waiting for his songs to be released.BY the way you have a really nice voice.

Parthi said...

sorry this is totally out of there any where or anyway that I can get the recording of your rendering of Thesulavuthey? I remember hearing it in sapthaswarangal and it was a blast! and ever since I wanted to hear it so badly but always forgot and didn't get the chance.

Anonymous said...

Last saturday (July'21).. we have seen over all looty by chinmaye while airtel super singer junior show (no of takes during each campin).. it was really nice as same as the timing joke by director also veryy nice( I dont know exactly who was there in backround sound.. we took it as director) and one more thing the contenstents humerous (childerens) we have enjoyed lot.. keep doing...

Anonymous said...

Chinmaye.....u hv an extremelyyy good voice...and i loved you singing in Sahana...i'm upset because i missed your performance here in Toronto with A.R Rahman. I'm completely in love with his music and voice..who isn't? lol anyways hope you come here again and could you post if you plan on coming here again. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi chinmayee.. im sorry im new to this blog thing..but i did come 2 the concert that was happening in Toronto.. and thats when i saw u and heard about u .. and when u sang the songs was really niceeee .. especially that semi classic song.. u did a great job on that ...your voice is amazing.. and i can see that ur doing new songs .. which is greaatt..keep up the great voice u gott!!!
ur fan,
brintha =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayi, first of all, I really like your name. It's unique !
I really love some of the songs you've sung so far but didn't know you were the singer. I heard a lot about you through a friend and decided to read through some of your blogs and came across someone asking for "Thesulavuthey" song from Sabthaswarangal. When I was in London last year, my uncle had recorded you singing that song and would play it over and over again. He said you sang it better than the original singer. I didn't know the song but really liked listening to your voice. I can't believe it was you who sang it. What a small world ! Well, you are doing some great services to the growing singers and hope you can give them a great time in Canada. Will definitely come to see you perform this weekend !

Take Care!