Sunday, November 29, 2009

TEDxChennai Today!

Had been planning to go for this one and Kiruba had told me a couple of months ago in advance to be, wherever this was going to be happen, on this day. And turns out Kribs asked me to co host the event with him. Sure, hosting shows on TV/Radio and hosting an event of this nature is a totally different thing. And the past couple of days with the personal health ministry going for a strike I had been wondering whether I would be able to pull it off at all. Its 6:27 AM and I am thankfully OK. And off to the venue in a couple of minutes. Shall try my best to blog about this. Tweets are more like it though :)
I am given to understand that there will be a live webcast of the event. is where you should perhaps be today, if you are not at IIT.

Have a good one and may none of you ever have a headache!


M GANESAN said...

Dear Ms.Chinmayee,

Thanks for the information. Congratulations for your Co-Hosting Event .



குப்பன்.யாஹூ said...

all the very best


Hosting's less un-fun than other jobs.

Anonymous said...

O my god Chinmayi, just when I was having a headache, I came to your blog and read that last line..haha coincidence or wat. Anyway thanks Chin!!

Sowmya Gopal said...

Economictimes website has been regularly providing links to TED talks in India and I have to say, I have throughly enjoyed a lot of them - the east vs west talks by both Hans Rosling and Devdutt Pattnaik were just brilliant. Pranav's talk was good too but had already listened to it when he/his prof did it in the US.

I will look forward to hearing about those in Chennai.

Sathiya said...

Thanks for Sharing. All the best!