Monday, October 25, 2010

Performing at Canada - 30 and 31 October, International Center

So many days since the last post and so much has happened. Tweeting kinda steals the thunder from blogging. From watching the FDFS of Endhiran to being in Canada now for a concert its been an eventful 3 weeks. 

Last month when I had traveled to Hyderabad to receive the SouthScope award for Best Female Playback Singer, Anushka Shetty and Director Krish made the moment extra special. Meeting Anushka was one of the best parts of the trip. 

Have started dubbing for a couple of films and shall update here in this space later, when it is time for release. 

Being on Sanjay Pinto's Chennai Speaks Out was an amazing experience for me, especially in the company of Sri Sudhangan and Sri Gnani. Though I have known of them, I met them for the first time thanks to the show and I learnt a heaven of a lot of things. So many things from history that they quoted and shared on and off the show. A lot about music and composers. They both are like encyclopaedia. Also met Mr Sreedhar Pillai of TOI thanks to the show, a highly knowledgeable person and senior journalist. A lot of times, I have heard my mother say that the generation today lacks the advantage of satsangati. Of being in the presence of exalted and intellectual company where all that we need to do is keep both eyes and ears open. There would be so much to learn, through the Karna Parampara. The Parampara or the lineage of the ear. Of listening. God has been kind by providing me such experiences and I hunger for more. The other day, in Mumbai I was fixing the strings of my Sarangi and I ran into a senior classical musician. And heard him speak on the traditions of music. Could not be help be enraptured. If we but listen there is so much to learn. 

Vijayadasami was a wonderful day and a day that I will cherish in my fondest memories. A reinforcement that dreams come true. Even if it were only a wish. Had started losing hope on certain things but a beam of light does shine through to show hope. And there comes the reason to hang on, again. 

Was also a part of the Director's Union D40 event, celebrating 40 years of the Directors Union. Listening to Mrs Radhika Sarathkumar's speech had the entire audience rolling in laughter. The lady is brave as a lioness. But I am not willing to reveal too much here basically because I do not want to be a killjoy.

As for me I am just looking forward to performing this weekend at the International Center in Toronto. And perhaps get some stuff for my new found passion in baking. Canada and US being Baking-ingredients-wonderlands that they are!! Wondering if I should also let my hosts to experience the result of my baking, which I assure you are pretty decent, eggless and all. The friends that have eaten my baking creations are all alive well, healthy and have remained so from the moment they ingested it. Thank God for small mercies :p 
But jokes apart, really love this hobby. If you don't bake, maybe you should try it sometime? Its good fun!


Raghavan Venugopal said...

Great Work Chinmayi. GOD bless you

Anonymous said...

Dreams will come true Chinmayi. This Vijayadasami or next Vijayadasami, its only a matter of time! :)

Vaiju said...

You can try the baking recipes in the website

Matangi Mawley said...

"I have heard my mother say that the generation today lacks the advantage of satsangati.".. My dad says so too! And it is true!

Back home- my dad used to have a get together with a few of his friends, every day. these friends of his are members of what they called "srirangam music club"... though the music club ceased to function with the demise of sri. D.N.Krishnamoorthy- people are still out there trying to revive it.

he along with his friends- would chat everyday about music, philosophy, literature and about everything under the sun! as a child- i had been a part of such conversations. but could not contribute much. i listened with an awe about the various topics they talked about! the stories they spoke about- they were such amazing tales. about musicicans of the lost ages! i had heard some great anecdotes about stalwarts like maharajapuram vishwanatha iyer/mdr/rukmini devi arundale.. so many others!

i have always remained a misfit! people these days- i feel at times have been forced to value themselves much less than their actual worth... they sub standardise themselves for some reason known best to them! but i have learnt to enjoy much more- feel comfortable about listening to things around and filter out what is unwanted..

chennai has so much to offer to us. it's in our hands to choose what is needed to us!

great post!

PS: Maiya yashoda was WOW!

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey dear,

I loved your song " Mayya Yashoda" from Jhootha hi Sahi" , the harkats you ahve taken so effortlessly makes me speechless everytime I hear the song. Keep it up!!

Love Aditi

Anonymous said...

I bake often that too eggless trust me baking is a great stress releiver.You should visit williams sonoma to buy your bakeware esp you get pure vanilla essence there...have a great trip!!

Anonymous said...


your writing is becoming all the more enjoyable with each new post. My wife is an incredible cook and a superb baker (eggless). She will be happy to exchange recipes if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

welcome to canada!
enjoy your stay!

Anonymous said...

Great mam.........!!!!!!! Congrats and Wishes too. Happy Journey from a huge fan of you!

Vichu said...

Chinmayee.. me and my wife love your music sooooooooooooo much n ur passion to learn foreign languages n still can manage a company apart from your other busy activities..

God bless you!

Viswanath & Akila Iyer

Youtube of India said...

Baking - a hobby??!! strange n interesting ;)

Vidya said...

What is that you love so much about baking?

Parthiban Manoharan said...

Here are pics from the Canada Kondattam event

thought Ill share them with you...great job :)

Ashok said...

I wanted to know who sang Enna Ithu Enna Ithu from Nala Damayanthi. What a composition. Today I knew that it was you. Very well executed. Thanks for your rendition.