Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just a mundane post. Nothing spectacular. Not that I think that I write spectacularly. There are some good things going on and not so good things going on. With falling sick and recuperating and performing at the Music Academy with a recovering voice for Women's Day its been quite a time. We were all given 15 minute time slots to stick to. Which in retrospect I wonder if I should have exceeded it :P

But I loved singing numbers I have never sung on stage before. And I met a lady today that she was glad I sang something that she didn't expect I would sing. And I finally felt gratified. I believe the audience expected me to break into Kilimanjaro and Maiyya Maiyya but the concert being for charity, I felt delicate asking friends and other professionals to perform for me that day. Going into Charukesi and a Punjabi folk song, a Thumri and then finally finishing with a Mira Bhajan it was good fun. The one thing I haven't figured is how to get the engineers to give me perfect monitors on stage. Most of the time I can't hear myself sing. And I don't like the in-ears either. Anyway the issue with the monitors happened only around midway of my 15 min slot. So was pretty confident starting out. 

In between all that watching a lot of things happening around me and with people I know. And I there is a certain placidity in me that I wonder if its normal. Just watching as if it were all not even a movie. I get very involved with movies. But.. anyway. 

One amazing thing has happened professionally which I shall post soon about and how things came to pass. 
Looking forward to that experience and am prepping for that mostly. In other news, I began reading Ponniyin Selvan, something my mother has been asking me to read for ages. Blue Elephant is moving into a new office when the time is 'right'. So until the naal and kol comes together that'd have to wait. We also dubbed a 3 hour video from Bengali and Hindi to Tamil and for the first time, not being behind the mic and getting someone else to dub was an altogether new experience. Inasmuch went without sleep for 3 days, ended up hoarse at the end of it all. Slept for 24 hours with a break to eat after that marathon. There was no way we could have met an insane deadline if we didn't work that way. Anyway.......

Since I have already begun searching for words, time to end this one here.

And oh, I bought a lot more the ACKs I was missing. Now if only they came out with the ones that are not in print. Please People-taking-care-of-Amar-Chitra-Katha, bring out the missing titles. I shall complete my collection and rest in peace. :)


Sleek Fashions said...

You are in for a treat from Kalki - enjoy the read :)

Nathan SP (நாதன்) said...

hmmmm Where is your office at present....

and when is that naal going to come? btw - what is Kol? :S

and hmmm...you sang for 2 hours in a concert?
btw - dubbing has to be tough, expecially if you are shouting this that :D - but you get a sneak peak of the movie na - that is cool right ?

Btw -will you get to know the story? When you are dubbing? And, even while singing, will you get to know the story?


Parvathi said...


Did you buy the complete collection of ACK or some specific ones?
I am interested too. Can you give me some details as to where you bought them?


frinema said...

First listened your voice in Ye Maya chesave and then again in a song Nalo parugulu (Bheemili kabaddi jattu). Wonderful and gifted voice you got but u are also gifted with many other talents which i just read about. You're my second best singer after Shreya Ghoshal so started following on twitter. Wishing u all success in future endeavours :)

MissAmbiguity said...

Hi Chinmayi,
First - This is not anyway related to the post.
I have been trying to contact your mother regarding her posts on Know Your Roots and I tried mailing her for the same. But the mails are bouncing.
Kindly provide a way to contact her so that I am enlightened!

Rajesh alias Balasubramanian said...

Hi Chimanyi,

You are going to having a blast with Ponniyin Selvan. Do post who is your favorite Kundavi/Nandhini/Poonguzhali/Vanadi?

and Vandhiyadevan/ArumozhiVarman


vv9994013539@gmail.com said...

you have a lot of experience in the music field really your blogs read in the your audience in this opportunity.

c. gayathiri said...

hi chinmayi... i think u should totally sing netru illatha matram from puthiya mugam in ur next show if u dont prefer singing ur hit songs like kilimajaro which was AWESOME and i listen to all the time. anyway, i think u should sing that song cos i watched ur interview in a show in which u sang the song and i loved it. im sure a lot of ur fans would have loved it as much as i did... :)

Akila said...

I wish I attended that music concert of yours. And nice to read about the good things happening to you. May it stays with you forever. Don't worry about not so good things, you will be fine. You didn't sleep for three days? God, you are so workaholic. And then looking forward to read a post on the amazing thing that happened professionally for you.
Good luck & Take care.

Anonymous said...