Friday, April 01, 2011

Kadhal 2 Kalyanam

I got to sing for Yuvan Shankar Raja after a very long time. This song was recorded a few months ago and I still remember how I mustered my guts to speak to Yuvan ji at a college event, several years ago telling him I would like to sing for him. Within half an hour of him leaving the venue, his manager called and asked me to come to the studio. And that is how I recorded Pudhu Kadhal in Pudukkotaiyilirundhu Saravanan.
But for this song, Idhu Kadhalai, I have Mr Milind Rau, the director of this film to thank for the opportunity. I was introduced to Milind on the day the audio of Kannathil Muthamittaal released many moons ago. He worked with Mani Ratnam sir as an assistant starting with Kannathil... I also remember giving a short performance of about 45 minutes that day for a select audience. But then that's a different story. 

Milind gave me clear instructions on what he expected to wanted to be conveyed in the song. And I prayed that it should come through. It was one of the first times that a director was giving me a brief so in a way I was quite worked up. Benny had recorded earlier and like any other song I have recorded, I was not sure whether my voice would be retained. I waited for the audio to release and felt good to see my name there. Benny called the other day saying its good that we have had a duet after a very long time. It ll be good to perform this live. Love the song 

Have heard from so many people how very difficult it is for a first time director no matter how talented they are or who they have worked with earlier. As I have blogged before I admire the gumption of filmmakers and the faith and belief they have in their dreams. This is wishing Milind the best for his directorial debut. May his dreams come true. 

As for me, I am slated to perform with Benny later this month ...Looking forward to that. 


Sathiya said...

Just heard the song...lovely song! Looking forward for the movie.

Anonymous said...

Hello Chinmayi,
When I read the blog title, for a sec I thot you were abt to tell abt your love and marriage...but was a movie title.Hopemy thotcomes truesoon.thathasthu.
Godspeed good people.

Vicky said...

Hey Chin

U seems to be too busy in tweeting than blogging these days. I am a regular follower of your tweets and blogs. But quite disappointing that u r not blogging like before.. I know typing a big story takes long time than short message in Twitter, but still make it atleast twice a week.

Thanks for reading my comment and keep doing your great work either singing/language services/compiring/stage shows. Love your spirit for having great enthu on watever u do.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...
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Akila said...

Very nice song Chinmayi. Loved it and thanks

Avinash said...

Hi Mam, Heard the song nice one mam. All the best

Unknown said...

Chinmayi WOW so it seems u going to perform on 8th starnight with Benny ji nice song k2k, already i requested u in twitter Add "Vizhigalile" in list...:)


karthick said...

nice voice chinmayi with benny dayal and thanks for yuvan and the dir of the movie for giving this oppurtunity to you congrats for your up coming projects and may u r dreams come true..

Unknown said...

Hi Chinmayi

I am ur fan. I liked puthu kadal song from pudukotaiyilirunthu saravanan. and your comparing also so nice and bold

sangeetha maha yutham you did a wonderful job.if i getting a reply from u i am so lucky

Nandhini said...

superb song again chinmayi.... u r rocking with yuvan....

santhosh P kumar said...

hi chin, its nice that you have worked with yuvan.

After a long time i got a chance to buy a LP RECORD in hindi, i was waiting to collect Mr A.R.Rahaman's record now i got it. The nice part of this is there was a track which the owner of the track was chinmyi.

Album name :Jhootha hi sahi.
Track owner : Chinmayi & Javed Ali.

Good luck chin

santhosh P kumar