Monday, July 18, 2011

It is white.
White as snow.
White as nothingness
White as the burst of light behind closed eyes
White as hunger
White as desperation
White as thirst
White as the soul
White as heat
White as the clenched knuckle
White as the shroud 
White as the heart that grieves
White as a prayer
White as salt
White as the teardrop.
It is white.


Janak A Jain said...

Did you write this Mam???

You know what I took inspiration from your blog and started my own. Had to thank you.. Thanks!!! :)

MissAmbiguity said...

Trying your hand at abstract poetry? Another feather in the cap!!

Jay said...

yenna Chinmayi...yetho sogathula yeluthina maathiri theriyuthu??

shrecks said...

white as this blog theme..nice that u write poetry too . :)

Kartik PS said...

Simple and superb.....

Anonymous said...

Juvenile.(Just keeping it honest).

subbuchennai said...

It reminds me of ARR's one of the best songs... Vellai pookkal ulagam engum malarattum!

Maddy said...

Good to know your muse is back to write your thoughts on non cinema related things.Hope to read more.

Sidhu Jagadeesan said...

R U trying to Add Another Gem in ur Crown..... wonderful....