Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Title X2

When I was about 6 or 7, I was famous for being a voracious reader. I finished all the books I could lay my hands, which included all the Tinkles and reading and re-reading the 100 titles of Amar Chitra Katha I had. Some child encyclopaedia, atlases. All that. And Childcraft. I was besotted with it but I didn't own the collection. And I had the habit of glancing through the newspaper and reading Young world. I looked forward to Saturdays for YW. Then one day, I had a brainwave. I decided to go and check the Young world at my neighbour's house. Just to see if the paper at their house had different content than I did. In retrospect, I wonder where I got this bizarre idea that every house will have a newspaper with different content. So I went and asked this aunty next door for the paper. And eagerly checked the paper. Not surprisingly it was exactly like the one in my house. I was supremely disappointed and realized I had to wait for next Saturday after all.
Looking at myself as a child, from a third person's perspective, because, I was a different person then, I was this child with an unbelievably vivid capacities of imagination. I wonder how my mother was patient with me. But then I was a silent child. My world was private. And so were my dreams. 
Anyway I remembered this young world story quite out of the blue. And I also thought the same of Tinkle, because once I saw various different Tinkle issues at the newsstand I got everyone got different ones every month. When I was about 12 I came across a gentleman whose son collected every issue from Tinkle number 1. It was amazing. And I read them all happily and returned them intact.
Today I am captivated by anthropology. I might soon need to find a facility to store my books. Its becoming too much to manage. If only every title were available on Kindle. That would be the day.


My share of life said...

You have a great way of narrating your thoughts.

I really miss your blog posts :-( :-( I wish to read more and more of them.

But this blog article title thing..i am going to guess whats the next one is going to be :D

Take care.

Pranitha said...

Remembered my childhood days and the passion for reading...the way we used to go sit in library for hours reading..as we couldn't afford to buy. Now I buy for my daughter and she loves reading as much as I do...

Good old days :))

Ashwin said...

More than the content, I love the way you narrated things in this post. I started following your Blog primarily because you are one of my favorite singers, but now I am amazed by your writing style.

Looking forward to seeing more such posts and probably you should try your hand in writing a book :)

On the topic of this post, yes an Indian version of Kindle is an absolute necessity!

Karthick said...

Wow..Good one!!

Sridhar said...

I hope you are checking out Kathy Reich's books as well. She is a forensic anthropologist and involved in the Tv Series "Bones" (incidentally one of my favorites).