Friday, October 19, 2012

When I usually open the 'compose' page on my blog, I have the words running through my mind. At least a couple of paragraphs would have marque-ed in my mind's eye before I see this blank canvas, ready to spill out through the keyboard. 

Today however, I did feel the urge to write but for once I didn't know what about. The rains have in their wake a stillness that I sometimes romance in my mind. Only wish the stillness were in my spirit too. You know, all the divine romance thing, I spoke earlier about. Sometimes being a restless spirit is nice. But sometimes, I visualize gazing long into a silent, shimmering lake, sprinkled with moonlight, seated on a wrought iron bench in a lovely lawn. Perhaps just before dawn. When it is rumoured to be the darkest. And then it would be nice to see the silver streaks replaced by liquid gold flowing down from the skies and on to the surface of the lake. Fresh morning air and a promise of brightness, hope, clarity that each dawn promises to bring. 

The promise of a new day. Perhaps a day that shall usher in a crystal clear mind that shall not be rippled even when several stones are hurled at its waters.

And for that day, I wait.


Anonymous said...

We all dream of it, Chinmayi. And over time it becomes our "happy place", an image that we can meditate upon to make us calm, centered and focused.

Where that place is in reality will one day be seen by all of us, I suppose. Some call this place Heaven, others call it Vykunta, other Nirvana.

benjamin david said...

justice will prevail.

Anonymous said...

We all are aware of what happened chinmayi,these morons are jobless and yet to have some life..Do not give a damn about these so called citizen-journalists/activists for most of them are fake and don't have a real face either...Time will heal and try to move on - Big fan !

Kothai said...

Hi ma,

I cant even imagine the turmoil u n aunt go thru now. We pray God that everything should be alright. At the end its not between u and them but between u and God, who knows ur thoughts and all the truth in the world coz no one need to tell him. It will be fine. Take care.

kaavya chandar said...

...silver streaks replaced by liquid gold.......romba azhagu....!