Sunday, June 23, 2013

I stand...

in the eye of a storm. Surrounded by walls of thunder. I see dark grey all around me. Streaks of lightning. Desperate, I look up. To see a seemingly calm sky. Drops of water fall gently on my face, tracing paths streaked by tears. Somewhere do sweet rain and bitter tears mingle... disappearing to a nowhere. 

Rooted do I stand. In the midst of a paradox. Serenity encapsulated in mayhem, silence walled by claps of thunder. Rooted do I stand trying to hang on to the calm around me, despite the walls closing in. Deafened do I stand, unable to tell, if it is because of the thunder applauding so hard or the column of silence right above.

My heart races and blood sprints through my veins. And then, in a single epiphanic moment does it dawn on me....Just like the sunlight that chose to part the curtains of clouds and peek through... that storms raged within and not without. And the silence I ought to seek wasn't on the outside but within. 

All I see now is the silent, peaceful drizzle on a ravaged ground. Sunlight courses through. 

There is a light within. As there is light without.


Bobby said...

Just one word ..Awesome...

Bobby said...

Just one word Awesome

Anusha said...

serenity be there within you, serenity be there within me, serenity be there within the universe. Beautifully expresses thoughts.

Anu said...

I wanted to save this for latter. But..
Here it goes.. I have been struck by tsunami. A violent one. God knows how I survived.
Its gone satisfied, as it has done what it wanted. I’m down.. floating in the water, neck deep. Strength less to swim, fighting to breath. All I needed was a log of wood to keep myself afloat for sometime, until the water dries up and my feet could feel the floor.
I tried to find solace in people.. Found one or two, but wasn’t sufficient enough to hold on for a long time. So my search for a piece of wood continued. It ended. Yes it did.. in your blog.
The thoughts, quest, honesty, sensitivity, empathy and above all, love for the family.. you are exactly what I’am. (Of course horrible childhood too!)
Started reading since feb. You have no idea, how soothing it is to me. The pain of floating is eased. Even in office I just keep reading it, yeah you have lots of posts. In normal cases, I admit, I wouldn’t have followed this much. But for cold heavy heart, it is so warming.
Hey, atleast you have single mom. I have none!
I’m saying all this, because of your recent mood. I could sense that you are not so happy. Well I’m taking some energy from you, so thought of giving some to you.
There are lots of people who just dream and end up finding reasons for failures. Only few can surge against the current and swim across. And when you swim opposite to the current, ofcourse it will be hard and hurting. But we cant choose to sit at home safely, can we?
All those abusive men, conservative oldies, jealousy relatives, backstabbing friends.. have helped to realize your strength. Without this you wouldnt have grown. However the past had been, I’m happy with this way of life and what I’m today. Hope you are too.
And please don’t curse god. He is much mightier for the single reason that he is able to have some entertainment with us as tools. We are just toy tools. Why he does that? We will never be able to understand that with six senses .So better surrender. Lets learn the rules of his game so that we will survive longer/succeed better.
See, I’m gonna hang on to the wood not for a long time. I know the end is nearing. Soon I’m gonna write history of this nation. And change the history of many. May be one day I may be of some help to you too. Yes dear.
But I’m insignificant, no one.. now. And during this turbulence your blog is helping me. So I would never forget this.
So friend, keep writing. Keep me afloat. You are not alone in eye of the storm.
PS. Please don’t publish this. Personal!

pavithra said...

awesome *butterfly gal*