Thursday, October 10, 2013

#Butterfly / Sitakokachiluka

One of the best songs that happened this year is the single with Shekhar sir that will release tomorrow, October 11.

#Butterfly or Sitakokachiluka has lyrics by Rakendu Mouli.

Shekhar sir has been making singles for charity for the past couple of years, namely Saazni  featuring Bela Shinde and Saavli, featuring Sunidhi Chauhan, both of which are in Marathi.

Sometime earlier this year he happened to mention that he would like to make a single in Tamil/Telugu and he sent me the tune of the song he has in mind. We got the lyrics written and recorded the song in August in Mumbai.

Shekhar sir spent a lot of time on his diction and wanted to make sure that his pronunciation was perfect. It was heartwarming that a composer like himself was taking so much effort to sing in languages he doesn't know and I was humbled when he asked me to sing in the song with him. 

Sitakokachiluka talks about love that comes in silently, beautifully and unexpectedly as the butterfly that flies in through a window that someone forgot to close.

As with Saazni and Saavli, the proceeds from the legal downloads of Sitakokachiluka will go to Ma Niketan, a home that takes care of abandoned or uncared for girl children in Thane, a charity that Shekhar sir has been supporting.

The Press conference for Sitakokachiluka is scheduled to happen at Radisson Blu tomorrow.
The song and the preview will be available on from tomorrow.

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