Friday, January 24, 2014

Listening and etc.

Of late, I have been hearing and listening to a lot of things. And observing people and their listening styles.
There are some who listen and as they are listening to you they have thoughts running in their head - a mental reaction to everything you are saying, passing either judgments or answering them in their head, which some of us can perceive at some level, which is perhaps why we think some people are busy listening to their own voice in their head than listening to us. 
There are those who listen and interrupt you every once in a while finishing your sentences for you. 
There are those who pretend to listen but actually don't care a damn about what you are saying ;)
There are those who have listened to you but are way off the mark from the actual meaning of the words you utter or your intentions.
And then there are some who listen to you silently. Taking it all in, all that you are saying and intending. The verbal and the non-verbal. Without judging, without interrupting even in their minds. Letting you speak whatever is on your mind and offer an opinion if they are asked. Because they are blessed with the wisdom to differentiate between a rant and consulting for advice. 
And I strive to take lessons, as usual, from observation. 
One of the first things that I learned as an RJ while I trained all of two days under Niladri Bose was this. When you interview someone, do your homework. And listen to every word. Listen sincerely. Don't formulate your next question in your head and think about how intelligent you can be while they are talking. People know when we are not listening.
Perhaps one day, I can evolve to be the perfect person that I wish to be in my mind's eye. Someone who's extremely perceptive, wise (not just intelligent), deep, achieving a stillness of the mind and to someday achieve this state of inner peace that radiates and touches the people around me. 
I am able to sense this peculiarity in some people whose mind is constantly in motion, constantly mildly agitated at some level. 
And I wish with all my heart that I be that person who is at peace, within and without. And perhaps that day, my music would take up a different dimension.


Rajesh alias Balasubramanian said...

Thanks for this post.
I liked what Mr.Niladri Bose had said. I will take that and work on it.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how corporate world impacts one as a person.
-In every communication training, one is encouraged to practice active listening
-When talking to senior management,one is judged by how quickly one gets the idea and completes sentences of execs
-One is expected to display a hunger and a certain restlessness, to qualify as a leader
-And to a certain extent, one is expected to have few deficiencies to qualify for participation in social circles, as people fear perfectionists or label them to be boring
-If one is cheerful, it's considered to be too informal

Well, maybe independent professionals like you have that extra bit of freedom to travel your own journey and also make that extra money.