Monday, November 30, 2015

My current skincare routine based on the K-Beauty regimen

My routine as of 2 weeks is this.

1. Oil cleanse
Coconut Oil or Gingelly Oil
2. Foam cleanser - L'occitane Precious foam cleanser. Something I have been using for a long time now. At least 2 years. K-Beauty-bloghopping helped me find that this product has a PH level of 5.
3. Toner / Toning mist - Forest Essentials Rose water / Jasmine and Aloe Vera facial toning mist
4. Vitamin C serum - After waiting 15 minutes for skin to return to normal PH post cleansing (can be eschewed once you use an AHA/BHA toner that I ordered from the brand Mizon, due to its glowing reviews. This helps the skin to return to normal PH so that the actives like Vitamin C can work on the skin rather than battling on bringing it back to normal PH. I got this information from Snow White and Asian Pear's blog. She has a lovely post on building your skincare routine and how to put things in order.) I ordered the Serumtologie Vitamin C, from the US and requested someone to bring it for me. Vitamin C is one of the best things that you can incorporate into your routine is there is only one thing that you will add. You could consult a dermatologist you trust for a Vitamin C Serum and see if your skin agrees to it after requesting for samples. Some formulations may / may not work for several skins. 
5. First Essence - 15-20 minutes after Vitamin C, so that it has time to work on the skin. L'occitane Brightening essence (A gift and didn't purchase this.)
6. Serum - L'occitane Reine Blanche serum
7. Serum 2 - L'occitane Divine Extract
8. Eye cream - L'occitane Divine eyes
9. Oil - Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi oil (always mixed with a few drops of rosewater as applying the oil directly on the skin will cause break-outs. This aids better absorption and doesn't leave your skin feeling at all.
10. Night cream - L'occitane Divine Cream


1. Foam Cleanse
2. Toning mist 

Exfoliation 2/3 times - Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi scrub
Clarisonic Smart Profile (Something my mom bought for herself but I hijacked albeit temporarily. Really love this one)
Clay Mask - Multani Mitti or Bentonite clay mask from EcoNut an organic store at Besant Nagar.
L'Occitane Aromachologie Rebalancing Face Mask

Only thing, most of the L'occitane stuff have been gifts from Dipika or my mom. Dipika in an attempt to somehow try and convert me into taking care of my skin. Now however, she says she is very proud of me, because for the first time, she actually learned something new from me :p. I however have regularly bought their face wash and their Almond shower oil, absolute favourites that I have indulged in.

I have also been a huge fan of Forest Essentials as a brand ever since they launched, way before they opened their store in Chennai. Maybe one of the reasons that I am drawn to K Beauty is their focus on all-natural/fermented products.

Now one would think this is an overdose of stuff on the skin. So did I. Strangely after all this, my skin looked like it was glowing a bit. Slightly shiny, if one may say. 

I'd like to say that my skin is normal with a slightly oily T Zone. No acne or problematic skin other than perhaps sun-damage from years of never using Sunscreen. 

As stated earlier the Vitamin C was my first purchase. And I started using my sunscreen regularly. 

If nothing else this regimen makes me remember to use my sunscreen. :)


Sumi said...

By now, I would have read this article n number of times. I really wonder how you are passionate about every topic on earth.. admiring your interests and dedicated research in everything.
Coming to this post, wow!! Feel like trying it. But to allot budget for these products wud slow down my eagerness.. so, I'll find a best alternatives to maintain same regimen n try it out.
Wishing u and me gud luck in this attempt :-). Take care - sumithra, chennai

My world..!! said...

Hello Chinmayi

I read your blog post and I am planning to start the same 10 step routine. I do not use makeup or any special things on my face. just the normal soap and then cetafil moisturizer. After i read i had couple of questions, hoping you can help with those.
1. do we have to follow all 10 steps in the morning? if not, can you tell me what steps at what time of the day (morning, afternoon or night).
2. I am in the US and have no knowledge of the best gingelly oil, can you name a brand i can trust for sensitive skin ?
3. how many times a week do you typically apply the clay mask or any other mask?

If i have more questions, I probably will message you again.

P.S.: I am a hugeee huge fan of you and take you as my inspiration in many things. :) If not for all the above, just sending you this to atleast let you know that I am huge huge fan of you.


Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Hi Neha
1. The longer routine is more in the night simply because of time.
Morning routine is simply foam cleanse/essence/serum/ampoule if you wish and sunscreen without fail.
2. You could probably try organic coconut oil :)
3. 2-3 times with a clay mask. Multani or bentonite clay. Even rhassoul clay is cool