Sunday, July 02, 2006

Move Over Bird Man - Superman is my new crush!

So B and I went to watch Superman returns. And WOW. God has been creative at times. That guy actually looks too perfect to be real. Profile is great. Every god damn angle is great looking. To the extent that I wonder how much of it is air-brushed. I dunno if thats possible on film. But escoooos my limited knowledge.
Bird Man had been crush number ----- whatever, only to be replaced by Superman. Especially the scene were Lois and Superman, well ahem, go fly, that was extreeeemely romantic.. and there we were, B and I, mooning away about Superman. Technically I also liked James Marsden who was also Fire-Eyes as I named him, and Jean's fiance in X Men. And he was also in this movie, as Lois's fiance. Paavam ... he seems to remain as the fiance only most of the time!

So lo and behold. I have my first ever crush on a Superhuman actor! Supermaaaaaaaaaan


Natrajan Thamizhmani said...

first ever crush?? what did u even do in school?? kidding right???

shiv shankar said...

wish this world is blessed with few thousands of superman's distributed across all the save mankind from barbarians unfortunately blessed as humans

uglyspecs said...

hey what abt johny depp in pirates of the carribean..

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

naha... Depp - no way :D