Sunday, July 30, 2006

Though I cant see this post myself, which has been the state with a lot of blogs I regularly read, the recent ban on blogging and the lift thereafter, my ISP has still not made any amends on that, I am still wondering whether this gets posted.

The results to Super Singer will be announced on the 4th of August. The journey finally comes to an end. There might be a couple of more episodes after the telecast of the results.

More than anything else, there is an episode on all the behind the scenes action which I wont miss for the world! Bloopers by me, the judges, participants, the crew.

I intend to put up pictures of the crew I worked with ... soon :) Havent had the time to take the pictures.

Otherwise I have been pretty much bored. I want to do something new.. And work for 20 hours. It will be good to be in that state. In the quest to know what I am made of, I have come to realize that I cant be idle. And that too much driving around the city tires me out. And I hate shopping. With hate in capital H, capital A, capital T and capital E, bold and italicized for further enhancement. Its one of the most boring, non-brainer work to do.. Shopping for the costumes and accessories for the show, whatever little I did has made me come to that decision. There should be more like me in the city. And its such a bloody waste of time and energy. There should be a way of doing that faster. In about an hour or so. Which should include the travel and everything.

Happened to watch POC 2.. didnt like it that much.. was pretty bored. Hope the sequel does better.


Priya Sivan said...

Ive been watching the Airtel Supersinger regularly. Been interesting to watch till now.
Waiting to know who would be the supersinger.
Btw, I have tagged you in my post. If you are interested, pls check it out :)

skar said...

For one, your shopping can be reduced if you have a private tailor who knows your measurements, just like for the bollywood stars, so that he can make the dresses while you just tell whether it is a saree or churidar or whatever it is you want. For another, the dresses, not just yours but the participants too, were excessively jarring and i really don't see why all that is necessary to sell the program. May be that's why i'm not in business! :)

saraskathiresan said...

I feel this may be the Result

Ram Viswanathan said...


I have BSNL and can access Blogspot.. you might want to check with your ISP...

Natrajan Thamizhmani said...

"most boring, non-brainer work to do.."
no wonder almost all gals like to shop hehehe..

Raja Krishnan said...

By the way who is super singer..?
Any way .. congrats for being selected as one among the TOP TEN BLOGGERS IN CHENNAI by the polls conducted by a collabarative website.. keep penning..

saraskathiresan said...

Congrats Chinmayi you are one among

Unknown said...

i have been reading ur blog for couple of weeks....but this the first time to comment...I didnt get the oppurtunity to watch supersinger u said post the pictures.....btb are u going to work for 20hrs?? then in the next day u will sleep for 14 hrs ;-)

Vinod Ramamoorthy said...

U hate shopping ?? U would make a good wife !! :)