Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wonder Wonder

Life sometimes spins a web of conflicting emotions around you at some point in time. Desolation, desperation, elation and confidence all at the same time. Skein after skein slowly gets spun around you and you hate the stickiness of it all. The discomfort. The desire to break free and just run away. Away from it all. To Someplace things are lighter. Sometimes you wonder whether people around you wear masks all the time. And wonder whether you should wear one too. And how irritating can that be? Going around pretending to be someone you are not. Does someone who seems caring, really that? Does someone who seems polite or gentle or loving or polished really that? Or is it the face that we are supposed to see?
Having said all this, do people ever take someone at face value. For what they seem to be? And what happens to those who are not complicated at all and wish that people take them for who they are and not for contrived and preconceived notions instead?

Why do we have to keep guessing? About what people do or think or might say when we do this, this or that? Is it really that difficult to voice out what you really want from something or someone without endless amounts of time being wasted on what they feel and what they expect from you? Would things be easier then? Or would we all be a set of "I want this and I want that" kinda people? Not that we are not already. We do want. Everything under the sun. All the time.

After wearing masks all our lives are we true to ourselves? Honest to ourselves? Do we know who we are? When we go to sleep did we know the person that we were today or did a stranger stare right back at us when we peeped at some reflective surface? Do we know what we want? Do we listen to the voice that only whispers most of the times from within us?

I wonder, ok thats not new, since thie post so far has a lot that I wonder about. Now I forgot why I started the previous line.
I now wonder anew, that If we were all sure about who we were first, then wouldnt things probably work better around us?

As for me I have begun to detest games people play. Sure that was the title of one of the bestsellers. But really, the amount of literature to understand this person and to understand that, reading body language... all that ticks me off. of course someone might catch me reading those books as well. A person gotta know the books I say... For example someone who scratches his head while talking to you could be lying. What if he has a severe case of dandruff? Someone sits this way, tilts the head that side and keeps their hands this way and uses their eyes in a particular fashion could mean a whole lot of different things - please note - OTHER than what they are telling you with words. How about Being a Simpler Person? Because if these books are best sellers then people obviously spend their time in book stores or on the web looking for the book, and energy as well sometimes researching on who says what about a book and then spending money and buying. Why? To understand other people better. Apparently the need is there. So my thought after this profound (?) post is that high time people stopped being complex, and spinning webs here and there and getting caught in them sometimes and wondering how to get out and rid of the silly goo. And then wondering how to spin a new web.

And living the life of a human being is probably one of the most complex things. With all the resources and brains given to us, we have found new ways of mucking things up rather than making them easy.

Disclaimer: Random thoughts like these need not have a personal relevance.


Explorer said...

Wonderfully stuff rey :)..a true glimpse into the mind of a person seeking to be the real self and yet disturbed by the masks and games around..I've gone thru this many times ..Bow ! Gr8 blog :)

skar said...

This is one post i sincerely like and commend. It has more than the usual random blah, and is on a particularly important topic. I also notice there are a lot of questions asked. Are they rhetorical or are you seeking answers? I shouldn't hesitate to share views if you care enough for them.

Karthik Murali said...

i dont know whether u mite believe it but what u have written out here is exactly the thing which was going on in my mind for the past 4 years or so........
its really awesome ,what i have failed to express, u have achieved it in such a magical fashion,without the thought flow always on the right track.............
u really deserve some high literary award.wonder if those people mite consider blogs also rather than books.........

bb said...

Chinmayi ,
Its simple for yourself and you wouldn't have to fake. One of my favorite verses from Bible , I don't know how exactly it is said but goes something like this " Don't Judge , you will be Judged in the same way . Don't measure and you will be measured in the same scale.

Goutham said...

"How about Being a Simpler Person?"
This is exactly what I keep asking myself. It is so difficult to find people with that kind of attitude. Sometimes it is difficult to make people believe that you want to lead a life devoid of unusual pretense.

Another thing that really puts me off is the way people associate their life with certain brand names. Like, I had my education in this "XYZ", worked in some "ABC". And it is almost like if you cannot associate your life with one of those brand names, you are deemed useless. Why can't a person be known for what he really is? That is so hard to find!

It takes a lot of patience to hold onto your ideals in the middle of this crowd. May the power of patience be with you!

Pavithran said...

An excellent post indeed and something which every human being needs to think about........

From what I understand, there are 3 dimensions to this perception of ours:-

1) What we think we are?
2) What others think we are?
3) What we really are?

In my opinion, 1) seems to be the most complex. We are hardly sure about what we think we are..... First of all, we don’t have a clear perception of ourselves and we keep changing this according to our moods, feelings and results. We are never contended with what we are most of the time because of this lack of clarity and unlimited desires……...... 2) can be devastating and can mess up 1)…….....always wanna be judged well by others and we map it onto ourselves….according to me the most foolish thing.

3) is the eternal truth , unchanging , blemish less….this could be viewed as a spiritual outlook but that’s what we have to do for ourselves to stop wearing masks and making our lives complex. Do we understand the purpose of life?

ketki said...

this is a world of complications,
simple people and simle straight ideas have no room here!
i to wonder why is there a pretence abt everything ????
why cant peole just be real?
anyway, its a great write up!