Friday, January 26, 2007

Post Script to the Post below

Or rather should it be PB, for Post Blog?

I have found the need to clarify time and again that what I write is mostly inspired from what I see, read and hear. Not necessarily what I feel. And so far, most of these 'hatke' posts have had almost nothing to do with my daily life.

I was pretty surprised to see several mails and comments within a span of a few hours asking me whether I was in love. No. And I am not. For all that I know, my posts could even be inspired by a movie that I have just watched. I watch a humongous number of movies on DVD.

Hope this clarifies the questions :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am surprised by the fact that ur adding a disclaimer saying that this post was not written while I was in love and so all are fictious.
Love doesnt mean loving a person........
well dont u love ur singing profession?
dont u love the emotions shown by a cute child or animal?(eg:the small child in Life Is Beautiful.remember??)
so u can reply to all those mails saying Yes,I'm in love
- with this world and my life.