Sunday, January 07, 2007


This year I am doing something new. I am going to be an RJ on FM radio. Quite simply.

I have been asking people on what they would expect from a singer who is also hosting a show, and so far my blog is something I haven't tried to get suggestions.

I dont want to do a typical "know your music" kind of a show where I will speak about finding ragas and knowing talas only.
My show will be on every week day for a couple of hours.
I am basically looking to do a show that will be fun. If you have any ideas as to what I could do, or you could tell me what you would like to listen to if you were to tune in to my show, I will be immensely grateful.

Thanks in Advance.

P.S.: I have been unable to write more so because I seem to not be able to string my words together for this particular section, when I want to. Blogger's block perhaps!

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