Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hello Miss

I found this audio clip pretty late. Hello Miss in Neevalle Neevalle, the Telugu Version of Unnale Unnale.
A recording in Harris Jeyaraj sir's place takes almost 4-5 hours.
And when I went to record this song, Harris sir was not there but the lyricist and the studio engineer were present. At this point I must say one thing about the sound engineers. They are probably one of the biggest repositories of experience and knowledge of all that happens in the studio that they work on. They 'll also have the most number of anecdotes.
G V Prakash was recording when I got to the studio. I must say I was surprised to see him in the voice booth and then I told him that it would be great if he sings some more. The texture is nice.. for want of a better adjective :)
Of course he was quick to quip that he did not know why Harris sir chose him to sing and that he wouldn't give himself a chance in his own compositions. And gave his trademark child-like giggle.
Thereafter I went in and finished in about 30 minutes and once I stepped out the engineer looked at the clock and gaped "How come?" How did we finish so soon? :) But then there is not much female vocal segments in the whole song. Only at the end of the 2nd antara it took some pumping of confidence to get that laughter out. Though I look like someone who is confident to the extent of being headstrong, confidence is one thing I lack. And constantly question my abilities. But then, hey, I guess that is good for me!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Chin, its great pleasure to hear another song from you, short time more songs, doesn’t matter, if its full song, half song or one sentence. As you mentioned, “finished in about 30 minutes”, no doubt, you are more comfortable on your singing. Keep it up!!!


Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

comfortable i have always been.. guess i got lucky in this session :)

Karthick said...

So another FEATHER on your Hat :)

Keep going ...and pls. try to include your name in Guiness book..

Manchi Ammayyi Manchi Song :)

I suggest you to target that as you have that potential and caliber..Am not pulling your legs here...but trying to tell the truth...

So you spoke for that film and now you sung for that film... Glad to know about this :)...NOT everyone gets an opportunity and really stunned by your spectacular control over your work and life balance chinmayi :)

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

ohk! lots of praise there.. go easy.. and thanks again :)

Karthik Sriram said...

bay of bengal in liquid state - kadavule!!!


travel30 said...

hi chinmayi, today I am 1st time on your blog and find is very gud place. keep writing and I love your voice at GURU with A.R rehaman.

Ananth said...

I liked your diction in telugu. Do you speak telugu too?

Musically Me said...


enjoyed listening to the song... as am a telugite, I even understood the words..

When you modulate your voice differently for each song, does the MD specifically ask you to sing in a certain way or do you decide to do it? The reason I ask is, your voice in this song is completely different from that in "sahana" and I wonder who is responsible for that.

drashkum said...

didnt u sing the tamil version? only the telugu version?


Hey chinnus.. Ya.. I always tot Gv Prakash had a nice voice too.. And yes I like this song regardless of the tamil or telegu one.. You sound almost like the original singer Unnale Unnale.. And the lyrics are cute..!!

Unknown said...

A little fear is good for performance. It makes you to keep your eyes open to mistakes and increases your focus on what you do..I still have fear when talking before a group of ppl.