Saturday, September 01, 2007

Post Script (Post) to the one below

To Selvam and Musically me:
The comments section was getting way too filled up so here goes:
Just to clarify you both, any other post of mine receives an average of 30-50 comments. Within hours of writing something. The one below has received only 2. Discuss relevant issues no one really bothers. Ask for help to make a change in the society no one steps forward. Even on radio people don't call in when we discuss a socially relevant issue. Picture this. 8 Am to 9 AM is the hour of discussing something, anything under the sun. Basing on the recent news article on the Junior actress who went to Dubai, trusting her co-artistes chasing a dream of making big bucks and was subjected to sexual harassment. This appeared in almost every newspaper and magazine. We decided to take this up and asked people to call in. We had exactly about 9 people who did. So we spaced the callers out and took two callers for each segment and wrapped it up. The next day, during the same hour, we spoke about the success of Chak De and how sports seem to have become popular subjects to base movies on. Chennai 600028 and slightly older Gilli as long as Tamil cinema is concerned. So I asked which movies have used games/sports as a part of the story and which of them would you like to see on the big screen. I had about 47 callers. There lies the difference. Everything from Silambaattam, Pallankuzhi, Goli, Pandi, Kho Kho, Kichu Kichu Thambalam, Sungu and some games I had not heard of. But handle a social topic and be prepared to face weak response. Also people do not want to be aware. They'd rather spend their comfortable lives than be subjected to turbulence. Even if it is for the greater good.
As long as singing children are concerned I have heard that some music groups have signed contracts with them, and they will have to sing until they are 'children'. They are not allowed to perform anywhere else and are threatened with dire consequences if they perform outside or drop out. If the parents cannot see sense then God save the children.


Narayanan Venkitu said...

It's a shame that public behave they way they do. I felt very bad on Independence day when all the TV channels had an actor or actress talking about some nonsense.

How many remembered our freedom fighters, how many really care for the freedom they have...How many know if they are really free are not...!

I bet you this much. To kindle the National spirit just talk bad about Sachin or Rajinikanth and the entire town will be behind you!

Anyways, my heart aches when I see such things. When I point out a few issues in my blog , people write that I ran away from India for money !

God bless India and its people!

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Mr Narayan, at least Indians who earn outside India have invested again in our country, land or whatever else. Because not many have moved lock stock and barrel and their families are still here. If families in India can be well off and if it comes from earning from some other country then so be it


To me , Entertainment has taken over the minds of the public so far that whatever happens .. It HAS to have "Masala" in it.. People dont wanna get involved in serious matters where they would have to take a side and tell their honest opinions.. To me thats shere cowardness.. A country is never a country without the people who live and love it.. The mindset of the citizens in one country will determine how the country will prosper.. If everyone is gonna only want enjoyment and not take into consideration the serious matters that happen around them , The speed of prosperity will be close to 0%..

Anonymous said...

Narayanan Venkitu,

I share the same view point you have and I feel the same pain when such things happen. We have truly become a "survival of the fittest" and "nothing is free" society.

Considering the 123 Agreement, it sounds like a tail wagging deal rather than a power creation deal. India has it's self developed tech which is sufficent for the next 60 ought years. How many of us are concenred about this? sad!

தமிழனின் கனவுகள் said...

generally people out side india care more for the country..bcz we saw the things outside and longing when it comes to india..indians try to learn ,food habits,dance and culture and other useless things from also indians obey the all the rules of singapore..but once he came india he never obey atleast the basic rules..y

Anonymous said...

namma chinnu leadershipla oru puthu katchi arambichudalama?

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

made a note of that selvam

Ananth said...

It is a very common (Sad yet common) thing that people consider discussion of social topics in a commercial program a taboo. Just imagine what is going to happen if you stop discussing movies and start discussing only social topics?
Atrocities on children and women have shamefully become an acceptable part of the Indian social life.
Many public issues are forcefully kept away from the general public so that a handful of them can make money out of it.
And I guess it takes more than a radio program to make parents see sense and stop treating their kids as a tool of performance.

manki said...

It's not that people are irresponsible or they don't have foresight. Heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs? Only when my basic needs are fulfilled I can think of/worry about all you say. Majority of India is still poor or somehow they feel insecure. People don't have the time and energy to worry about "5 years down the line" or whatever.

(Don't get me wrong; I am not arguing that what we are doing now is correct.)

Anonymous said...

i really dont think people dislike talking on social issues. Its not that we are ignorant , we just know as a person we can't really change things.And being an Ex-NRI, Ive loved social service cos I knew India needed that desperately.Being a member of the NSS ,Ive seen so many parents being hesitant to send their children to clean roads ,or help build houses..cos they are worried about them getting sick ,cutting classes.Who ll want to risk their childrens' lives for the sake of few marks in their exams(being a member of NSS , you get additional marks). Who are to be blamed?

Musically Me said...

I agree with selvam other than awareness we cannot do much about it. Just so you know, my music teacher was blamed for the same thing. that he is selfish and he only wants to teach his kids and make them famous.

atleast if you make people know that it is alright to have their kids learn the art during their formative years so they could present it in their later years, may be some would is a big may be though...

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in movies based on games, watch this movie "The Greatest Game Ever Played" ( This movie is based on golf. An excellent movie.

PurpleHeart said...

It's always a mix especially in such a populous country like ours ! We cannot really leave a generalised statement that the public is ignorant. There are heaps of citizens out in this country who selflessly DO much more than you and I could ever think of. But yes,the feeling that nothing is gonna change if I alone make an attempt is so predominant across the society that it adds to the lazy devil inside us. And I think it's unfair to compare the ratios of such instants between any other society and India. We are wonderfully HUGE and so it's only natural to have a fair amount of folks on either side. We must primarily ask ourselves what have we DONE rather than confining the weaknesses of the nation to discussions. Like rightly said, TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM, WE MUST JOIN THE SYSTEM.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

purpleheart: individually I have done my bit and continue to do so, I complain that as a team several people don't do anything

Anonymous said...

Have u guys heard of an Organization founded by 3 software company employees which now receieves contribution from more than 300 members? The are funding several educational programs and medical camps.

Of course one person cannot change the world, not even a country but in my openion one person can atleast change the lives of dozens.

Anonymous said...

One expects atleast recognition for selfless activities. But such people [potential leaders] hardly get any recognition or posting.

By the way, I wonder how many Indians know that a doctor who dedicated his life to helping the poor is in Bihar jail. But we sure know where Sanju and Salman are :)

I believe, as an individual, it's a citizen's duty to 'be aware'.

Anonymous said...

"Ask for help to make a change in the society no one steps forward."

Someone whom i admire a lot used the words - You truly make a difference when you choose to lead, when others would only Follow.

When it comes to change, you cant beg, plead, or ask for help... you simply have to step forward - sometimes with a lot of faith - and you will be surprised that the rest 99% which didnt seem to care, suddenly wakes and sits up straight paying attention, and even pitching in.

- Vijay
The Knowledge Foundation

Anonymous said...

Hmm... how come I dont get a comment on my comment? :)

- Vijay

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the effort you are taking.

I called you from Austin (the day you talked about sports in movies). Though I was not too fond of the topic, I just happened to get through to you that day.

Are you sure you got callers because of the topic, or was it because of the day of the week, weather, etc.?

Anyway, I request you to continue your efforts. I hope you are encouraged by the response in the future. If not, we will boost your spirits.

Also, I suggest this topic for discussion. "Are you happy/proud of India's present state? If you are not, what are YOU doing about it."

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Vijay: good point made. yup sometimes you need to have guts made of steel :)

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

suriya: we try, no one wants to discuss the future of India between 7-10 .. to put it simply they are too busy with their own lives to call in :) but they wont be if they are asked on how to change tamil cinema :)

Anonymous said...

"we try, no one wants to discuss the future of India between 7-10"

I hope that this only a 7-10 phenomenon :)

Anonymous said...

Ah! There's the comment, finally! :)

You know, I've been often curious as to what makes great leaders. and Nope I am not talking about the Jack Welch kinda "leaders" here. There are more than the required/necessary amount of people in this world who can talk, blabber and just simply utter absolute nonsense. Then there are the folks on the other side who are absolutely right, make the perfect sense, but they just cant stand working with anyone less than perfect as they are.

The great ones always have found a way to involve the great, the mighty, the small, the least and the mediocre.

We humans have this capability to share a vision. I am still sometimes left speechless as to how the vivid imaginations of a good writer can implant a mental picture of all that went through the writer's head, yet the reader is just introduced to this new fictional world - and sometimes the next leap in thinking - all with nothing more than mere words. Our greatest capability is the ability to share our thoughts, vision and thinking. We need to utilize that.

Anyone who has ever been behind successful revolutions - by peaceful means, have always leveraged on that aspect.

I believe in people. I believe that there is good in everyone, and they just need to find a vision and reason to bring out that side of them and get out into the open. Perhaps, that role of leadership lies in you.. or someone likeminded to garner these people, lighting those teeny corners of goodness and selflessness in them.

Something to keep in mind, during your next show :)

dineshwar said...

chanced upon chinmayi's blog and this issue raised by chinmayi and the subsequent comments by viewers only point out that we are good for talking only[that includes me too]...a person who is as popular as chinmayi doesnt start things on does she expect otehr people to pool in..i had always wanted to promote the various art forms in tamilnadu, make a cultural village but now sitting in US and doing nothign...but people like you who have a following and are in to arts should venture into promoting, developing and sustaining our art forms first...if you keep on talking and blogging things whats the have the brand, use it..

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

dineshwar: I would have, if I had not received enough reminders that I am a woman to start with.. and the art forms will sustain themselves.. there are way too many people doing it already. and by the way, you do not have an idea of what I have started.. and one of our favorite exercises seem to be jumping to conclusions eh?