Friday, November 02, 2007

3:11 PM snapshot of Chennai in time

Due to paucity of time, I am just pasting the text that you will find at Do take part!!


On the 3rd of November 2007, we invite every Chennaiite to for one second, at exactly 03:11 PM, stop whatever it is that they are doing, and click, shoot, snap, capture or photograph that moment, just hold that one instant frozen in a picture and send it to us. This is not for any great worthy cause, this is not a competition, it may or may not help charity, it will not prevent global warming, you will gain no medals, no certificates but it is most definitely not a waste.


It is to share with so many of your neighbors what was going on in your part Chennai at the same time as something else was going on in theirs. There are no requisites to do this, other than that you be in Chennai, whether it be a fancy SLR or a VGA mobile camera, get the clearest, cleanest shot you can that will suggest what you were doing or what was going on near you, in our lovely city, at that one instant.


If you wish to contribute, synchronize your watch, set reminders and alarms and just remember to shoot that moment. Please attach a note, in under 50 words, with your name and where you were when you clicked that snap.

You can also lend a hand by informing your friends and by putting up a link on your website. We wish to make not just a collection but a memory, on the internet and if we can, have it published to share with as many Chennaiites as we can,’03:11 PM’.



This sounds soo cool !! How I wish I was in chennai !!.. This sounds like a bottle of fun !!...

Mahays said...

Thank u chins


நாகை சிவா said...

Interesting :)

Unknown said...

Hey Chinmai,
3.11 sounds like, i wish i was in chennai to do it...hope to see the snapshots of 3.11pm soon...have fun!!

Sreekrishnan said...

missed this by few minutes - anyways - am sure this will come up again !!!

btw: I hate to digress on someone's post - but - i dont have a better way to communicate - didnt see your mail id !!

I got a latest post on Kannathil Muthamittal song and i'd like to know what you thought of it. I am not sure if what i have done is acceptable - still !! do let me know your comments !!

Vasanthan said...

thanks Chinmayi, looking at those pictures shows a relaxed life unlike in Singapore or Australia where i have been. i have decided i am spending 2008 in chennai.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea.
We are going to do same without geographic restrictions on 11/11 at 11:11 a moment in history that provides hope we may live together in harmony as fellow humans.

Unknown said...

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