Sunday, November 25, 2007


Quite a movie that.. I am thinking of watching whatever Michael Moore makes. American Dream? More like a dark nightmare.


Anonymous said...

Moore always presents selected(sometime allegedly manipulated) facts to support his side of the story. He presents it in a compelling way I agree, but dont let his propaganda completely fool you into thinking everything is wrong in this world.Take it with a generous pinch of salt.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

I am not fooled. Its a documentary/movie or whatever it be. Its good to know about different things.

Unknown said...

well. Though Moore is impressive with his SICKO, but there are other countries which manage health care in a better way than canada, UK or other socialist countries.

I partly agree with VJ. YOu should hear what the conservatives here in US say about Michael moore. [:D]

However, His passion for his people is unquestionable.

check this out.

Norway :
ranks second highest in GDP.
and first in HDI for the past five years

The Norwegian economy is an example of mixed economy, featuring a combination of free market activity and large government ownership. The government controls key areas, such as the strategic petroleum sector (StatoilHydro), hydroelectric energy production Statkraft), aluminium production (Norsk Hydro), the largest Norwegian bank (DnB NOR) and telecommunication provider (Telenor). The government controls 31.6% of publicly listed companies. When non-listed companies are included the state has even higher share in ownership (mainly from direct oil license ownership).

matthew88 said...

It all boils down to Man's greed.

that Documentary is not just a painting of current situation in US,
But its unfortunately how India might end up sooner or later.
India is moving pretty much in the same path that the US went, except we are moving even faster !!

Will anyone of us walk into a Government Hospital in India, even though its free ?
and what % of Indians can afford the best health care ?
Majority in India still dont know about Health Insurance.

Make no mistake - Capitalism is emerging BIGGER & FASTER in India.
The gap between the rich & Poor is alarmingly increasing, especially the last few years.

Took us 200 years to get freedom, I hope a social revolution happens much quicker, unless we want to end up as a mini-USA.

Anonymous said...

It haunts me too. I lost my dad to cancer and it feels so uncomfortable to know that somebody might be stopping you from getting a cure. Recently, in US, an official survay proved that 2/3 of the docs/proffs involved in reseach are getting paid by Drug companies is various forms! Funny thing is, they don't do anything for the Big Pharma [ theorotically speaking] and these aren't commissions either. Well, that explains it!

Mr.Moore might have his own reasons behind the movies but our brains are smart enough to understand atleast what's obvious :)

Unknown said...

I agree with you. Things are not looking good now neither is the future of American healthcare. I think this is proportional to rising population, and same taxes. Nordics get around 41% taxes throughout the country, while here most of the states have 23, and only "costly" cities like NY, BOSTON,LA have higher taxes. It all plays around economy.
Anyways, it is bad in sense that my friend paid 1400$ to get 4 stiches in his hand since we took him to an emergency room not covered in his plan(but nearest to accident zone). Damn, my mother would've done it for free ...

Anonymous said...

in norway is best place for women and womens rights only in norway you will see that women is above or equal in all respects, govt gives money to pregnant women paid leave for 36weeks many many benefits, it is richest country in world all this becuase politicians are not corrupt , population is low, rich in oil reserves , truly a blessed country (blessed i guess by jesus christ)

Unknown said...

Moore certainly has his biases, but he brings out a strong element of truth. The impact that "Bowling at Columbine" had was amazing, and I doubt any of the words that those he interviewed spoke could be or were staged. It is true that canadians almost never lock their doors and americans are living in fear. But I digress here.

Like all things in life, Moore's work also needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, just as any artists (even take the work of a photographer) work carries his perspective. But different perspectives just add depth to the topic, and in that aspect, i agree with you.

Not sure if the American dream has become a nightmare though. It still is a land of opportunities, though I think the same value proposition is coming to India as well... This place does allow you to chase your dreams, and someday we are gonna have to name it too; what shall it be called I wonder...

Unknown said...

Anonymous: Germany allows for two years of maternity leave. And I believe we are looking at extending the maternity leave in India to 8 months now. Gender equality is a completely different topic.. :)

Politicians not corrupt.. well, Not sure about that. What is nice from far, is very rarely still nice at close inspection.

Dont know how God got involved in it though :D

Dugi said...

Sicko reminded me of India really....except India is worse...u get sick...don't have money... u die on the street.
People who do have money don't share and just walk right by...

would like to know ur thoughts on that.

The usual corruption in gov, selfishness of people, racism, castism all come into play....but then again India wouldn't be so enjoyable for many without all that ey?

Anonymous said...

Vanakkam Chinmayi

Hope you are feeling quite well and recovered now.
I am in hospital administration in US and watched SICKO quite carefully. I agree with most of the comments above.

I would be the first to accept that our healthcare system is broken. Having said that I would like to assure that there are a lot of good, bright people working diligently to make it right and it will be done in due course.