Friday, July 23, 2010


the way the show came out today. One of the rarest shows where the sound came out right and I am happier as a performer. By the time I get the sound, I actually never do, most of the channels don't give me a proper monitor, neither do most of the shows that I have been a part of. I like the way somehow singers from everywhere else sit for even 2 hours, impatiently and get it done. I remember the concert in IIT, when a visibly upset Sonuji ask "Who put the monitors here" and proceeded to physically move them himself. And right then and there for the next 10-15 minutes or so, he got the sound rectified and went on with the show. I wish I can learn that from him. I always used to think if I asked too many times then the sound engineers will get pissed and screw it all up, so I ll grin and bear it. And will always be dissatisfied with how the sound turned out. I must probably learn to do that in some studios while recording too. I haven't got the guts to ask for what I am entitled to yet. Anyway, just got a tweet from someone which said I am going to be in 3 channels over the next week. Star Plus, Sun TV and Jaya TV. 
Also read an article that language seems to be one of the biggest topics of discussion on the sets of Chote Ustaad. Small wonder there, especially with Omi and I. We are giving everyone nice gags :D


Mat said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Show was great. All the songs you sang were great - to be specific the Hindustani and the favourite Durga. Don't have patience to wait for next week to see the balance show.

Ram, Muscat

Soumya said...

Hey chinmayi watched "Manadhodu Mano" after a looong time.Wow your songs were a feast.For some reason felt a sort of inner happiness and was smiling listening to your songs.Waiting for the 2nd part!!May God provide you all those opportunities you wish for.

BriceColdPlayOnwards said...

Totally agree with you on the sound issue, Chinmayi. This was the first time I've seen you on TV where I've felt it safe to turn the volume up and indulge my senses in A1 music without having to board up all my windows in fear of an F5 tornado of poorly engineered sound. Many kudos to the Manadhodu Mano team. So, pardon the synesthsesia, but your voice is smooth enough to make tempered chocolate look like a Baby Ruth bar. :D

Now I'm just wondering is Mumbai is big enough to hold to in check two of Chennai's most infamous wild children, you and Trisha? :p

Gayathri said...

Happen to watch the show Chhote Ustad.Amazing performace by all the kids.Eagerly expeciting today's episode!You are doing a great job with Omi!

Unknown said...

Hey Chinmayi,

You rocked the show on star plus gurl....happy to see u finally on national television....

My best wishes to you!


Unknown said...

Hey chinmayi !
Love your voice a lot !
Whats ur mother tongue ?

Shreyas said...

hi chinmayi,,

Your opening song was too good.. just loved it.. shreya ghosal n sunidhi better watch out for you.. Good luck and god bless..


shaan said...

Became your immediate follower watching Manadhodu Mano.
Your song Durge maa in Durga was super! Surprised to know a lot of those popular songs were actually sung by you...Now reading all your articles/posts/web entries :) you are so versatile.