Monday, July 05, 2010

Madhno features in the top romantic songs of 2010

as of end of June. Happy pappy when I heard about it. I also hear that the album as such is getting amazing reviews and the Midday in Mumbai gave it a rating of 4 stars, which is not happenstance. 
As said before it was amazing to sing for Mithoon and as an admirer of his work, this is wishing him more accolades. Like is written in a lot of reviews, he is a guy to watch out for.


Chandramouli G said...

Hi Chinmayi,
I am a big fan of Mithoon as well. For the past 8 days, I have been addicted to Madhno. I would have heard it atleast a hundred times. I really love your voice and the voice of Kshitij in the song. The song which had such an impression on me before was 'Tu mere rab ki tarah' and 'Mannipayaa'. I was surprised to learn that Madhno is Saajna in Kashmiri.
Great song and Great rendering.
- Chandramouli

mugush said...

This is the only song I am listening from the day the album released, AWESOME SONG, but the best thing I like your voice.. specially interlude starts in your voice.. amazing.. i wish you could sing more hindi songs

ravi said...

This song is amazing, so is your voice..your voice directly touches the heart....hope to listen more song in Hindi in your voice in future.All the best.

Aiysh said...

Am commenting after arnd 10 to 12 days!
But.. The song is sooo Amazing!:)
God Bless You!

Aiysh said...

Am commenting after arnd 10 to 12 days!
But..Madhno is such a beautiful song! and uUr rendition of it is Awesome!=D
God Bless You! :D

sapota said...

Madhno song has been playing inside my head the past few days. Beautiful song and beautifully sung by both Kshitij & Chinmayi.

I also like your compering in 'sangeetha maha yuddam'. I am not familiar with all your songs but 'oru pana sor ku oru sor padham'. You have great talent, good ambitions. Kudos to you & God Bless.

Prasanna Karthik said...

awesome song !! loved it

ravi said...

hi chinmayi..I have one request to you.I have seen you as host of CHHOTE USTAD.Please sing the "Sajana" song of movie "Lamha"in any episode of the CHHOTE USTAD.I love this song very much..Please please....Ravi Bhardwaj


late comment
gr8 vocals by both you and kshitij especially the kashmiri phrases added to the song

some music directors are a bit unlucky to score brilliant numbers for BO flops, mithun definitely needs a big BO hit to feature his music

Sandesh Shandilya & MM Kreem are also music directors who have stayed away from limelight yet rendered melodious numbers

Infact no one can beat Kreem in composing melody