Friday, August 13, 2010

This week on Chhote Ustaad

has the legendary Asha ji as a guest Judge. It was amazing meeting her, getting to share floor space with her and I got to sing Konjam Naeram for her, when she asked me to sing a Tamil song. When I said, would they let me sing a Tamil song in a Hindi channel, she said "Chennai Hindustan mein hai". And after a little thought I sang Konjam Naeram, at the behest of Sonu ji and thereafter told the surprised audience, contestants, Sonu ji and Raahat ji that the song was sung by none other than her. I sang 4 lines and Asha ji told me to sing again. If only my costume had permitted me and if it were only possible  to do so, I would have prostrated at her feet. Just did half of it though. There was soooo much I learned from her during the few hours I spent with her.  It was a dream come true.

I was overwhelmed when I saw her. To me she signifies the epitome of versatility. There might have been various singers who attempted to sound like legendary singers or would have come down their school of thought but I am yet to come across someone who has the lahza and the andaaz of Asha ji. She is definitely inimitable. And is named the 50 iconic musicians of the world and there is a poll running here, where you can vote for whom you consider iconic.

I have heard so many people telling me here that they are envious of me being on the same show as Sonu Nigaam. He is one helluva performer, note perfect singer as has been mentioned by a few writers before, forthright and not afraid to speak what he believes is right. I respect him for the performer that he is. He taught me a few things on hosting and getting things right which I think I have mentioned in an earlier blog. He seems like a man who does not take bullcrap from anyone. Most my interactions with Sonu ji is limited to on Camera and with Rahat ji its even less. I really did not get the opportunity to speak to him much. Schedules are such that it does not give anyone the time for talking and whatever extra time I have, I utilize it to rehearse with Omi. 

I wish, also for selfish reasons as for the kids, that I get to see more legendary musicians on the show. 

Do watch the Independence day special of Chhote Ustaad this weekend.


Matangi Mawley said...

It's my life time ambition to see Ashaji in person... even if she is like somewhere far away.. but just see her! many people like Lataji's songs more- no doubt she's all divine and everything! but versatile! what songs by Ashaji! my fav. are ashaji-o.p.nyyar ones! "jaiye aap kahan" esp. many other songs... bhawra bada nadan/kahe tarsaye
(chitralekha), sooni sooni saans sitar par,raat akheli hai.. amazing voice control!

it s gr8 to read that you have performed on the same show as asha ji! gr8 going!

PS: I listened to "Kilimanjaro" from "enthiran"! finally got hold of the CD! i must say- u'r voice is so flexible..! it sounded damn good! kudos!

Anonymous said...

I love ur voice so much that, I want 2 worship ur divine feet ,... U r my god and pls give me a chance 2 touch ur feet... I place my head below ur slippers...

Saran said...

This my first visit to your blog i came to know about this blog by my friend at mumbai . Ya! it's great keep it up. The song Kilimanjaroduet with Javed Ali was great. Now i am in holistic work exploring ancient temple before 6th and 7th century feel free to visit my site. expecting your comments