Tuesday, September 28, 2010

TEDxChennai on October 10 2010

Less than two weeks and I have been looking forward to this since last year to be honest, the minute TEDxChennai Edition 1 wrapped up and everyone posed for pictures.
I went to a couple of the organizers meetings this time whenever I could and hope to be of help to the committee as much as I can.
Being a part of that event was a full day of positive energy and to you, I would suggest, or rather urge you to be a part of the audience. Its a day well invested.
Book your tickets here at http://www.TEDxChennai.com


Anonymous said...

Time well invested, indeed.
We recently spun chapter here at IIT, Chicago. Semma response!


Saranya said...

Sep 10th was ur birthday and I was sooo looking forward to wish you then omg how did I miss it! There wasn't a regular birthday post from you as well. Anyhow, WISHING YOU A VERY HAPPY (very) BELATED BIRTHDAY and ALL THE VERY BEST FOR MORE SUCCESSES AND PRAYERS FOR LOTS OF HAPPINESS FOR YOU AND EVERYONE SURROUNDING YOU. :D
Hope you had a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

I will be attending my first TED event in Doha this October. Yeah to TEDxDoha. Hope its worth it. :)

$uperman kutty said...

your song has come out very well.
semma cinematography......i loved it more on screen....! Tichk tichk ..tichk..... ;)


Unknown said...

Hi Chinmayi..

This comment might be irrevalant to the post. But just out of curiosity I wanted to know if you have watched Endhiran? :) Kilimanjaro is rocking!!!!

Keep up the good work..

All the best..

Rekha Shivakumar

Vinod said...

amazing.....a singer talking about TED talks. i have been very closely following TED talks in Youtube. this time, i m gonna make it live in person.

Anonymous said...

why aren't u talking in Tedx?

Hariharan said...

I saw the webcast and the event was too good...especially inspired by G J Siddharth...

if u loved Peter Van Geits adventures in his speech, check out my blog (http://hariharanvs.blogspot.com/) about what he meant