Sunday, February 06, 2011

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"Unaru" in the film Traffic my Sri Samson Kottor. A solo in Malayalam after a very long time. This song moved me while I was singing it. And its lovely to hear today from Twitter that Traffic is a major hit. Always good when producers make their money. I wish they always do, but that would be in a perfect world.

A duet with Ranjith after quite a long time in the movie Guns composed by Ronnie Raphael. I love this song. "Thaaja Thaaja Kanasugalu". I quite like the way my voice has been mixed.

And another duet with Vijay Yesudas in Muthukku Muthaaga composed by Kavi Periya Thambi. "Enna Panni Tholachcha"

Realized they all released this week. Tamil Kannada and Malayalam. Quite like this :)


sathya said...

Good luck for your future projects. You have an amazing voice :)

Reva said...


Sashwath said...

Link Link Link . . . ?

Anonymous said...

Congrats..I dont think i've the rights to comment on your success..But i'm an ardent admirer of you and your success and also your voice..Good luck!

Ashwini Sriram said...

:) Congrats!

Vijayakumar.S said...

Hi chinmayi Your mommy is Really Great.... and You. You are my Inspiration

பிரியமுடன்... said...

மனசார பாடும்போது
மாநிலங்கள் தடையில்லை!
தூய்மையான திறமைக்கு
தூர தேசமும் அடிமைதான்!
எல்லோரையும் ஈர்த்துவிட்டு
என்ன தலைப்பு என்ற ஏக்கம் ஏன்!!!
தலைப்பு இல்லா தலைப்பே
தலையில் வைத்த பூவாய்
வாசமும் நேசமும்!
வாடாது விட்டு ஓடாது!
வாழ்ந்துகாட்ட வந்தவள்
வாடவும் வழியில்லை
வருத்தமும் தேவையில்லை!
வாழ்த்துக்கள்! வாழ்க பல்லாண்டு!

Aravind Ramesh said...

I think you have left out the Amali Thumali song from the movie 'Ko'. I love the way you have rendered the intervening humming bits in that song.