Saturday, December 24, 2011


Why so many comments to the Lord Rama posts are anonymous. Just curious, is it about laziness of not leaving a name, even if it were fake, because you never know who is behind an ID these days, or is it only behind a curtain that people can speak their hearts and otherwise they dont have the guts to do so? Just asking. Not intended to hurt any of the commenters.


Anonymous said...

The thing is people who posted comments here as anonymous dn't want to reveal their identity (including me).thats not bz of they dn't have the courage to mention their name or laziness or fake.I have not seen any bad comments here. As long as that ll not happen we/I can comment here as anonymous. Isn't it Chinmayi?But final decision, whether these comments do post here or not,that's up to you.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Anonymous number n: You dont see the bad comments because I dont publish them. They range from, you deserve to die, to you effing she-dog, to comments on my mother, family, to a lot more.
You want to see?

Vicious said...

Talking about bad comments.. I felt these people are just too lifeless to do so. It's like they have no guts to face "us" so that us the reason why are they giving such a bad comments... Trust me , it's really ridiculous and I really Understand How it feels cause I been when through the same situation till I was forced to delete my own blog and create a new one. :) Anyway, I really love each and every updates from you. Keep the good Work Chinmayee... ^^ Keep posting

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I was the one who posted about the Yuga difference and 2 of those Anonymous posts. I deliberately not put my name because I thought its not needed for getting a general opinon on what people think about a religious character. Sometimes the name, fake or real distracts the readers and trying to put a face to their name..and judge them from their name or gender etc. I am not saying you will also do that..but its the general psychology. If its a social issue where I have to raise up and show what I think, thats different. Thats all. No other big logic about that. If you still insist, I would not mind sharing my name :-))

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Chinmayi for using the word 'bad comments'.Actually I should not have used that word directly here.But one thing, not everyone who comment here (anonymous)is abusive.isn't it? Cheers:)

Anonymous said...

Happened to read that you want to hire differently abled girls... can check with Ms Manila
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vijay said...

In a year end, as I was introspecting I also saw one of your old post dated 2nd June 2009 titled You know..

I was wondering what your thoughts are now about that post and that day.

Anonymous said...

Chinmayi, very happy to say that we could listen to many good songs from you this year.I really dn't have words to describe the beauty of songs like 'Sara Sara ' 'yar Ivan 'chotta chotta'& the very latest 'ask laska'.continue your wonderful journey in the coming years.May you achieve success in every field,which you involve.May God give you strength and patience to conquer all obstacles(no worries)Have a troll free abusive free:p and a stupendous year ahead:)Best best wishes and prayers to you & your mom....Number n:))))))))

Anonymous said... Chinmayi plz watch this clip (from 7th minute til 7.25). In this program, Lyricist Vanamali Mani gopal mentions about a song "Mabbu odilo kannulu therichina" which was sung by Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna. Vanamali gaaru has given few details regarding this song but couldnt get this song anywr on net. I verryyy humbly request you to listen to that song and get some details regd tat.Plzzzzzzz chinamyi i tried all the possibilities but in vain.Im dying to listen to the whole song.I dono wr else to ask u.. :( sorry.. n u came to my mind as a last resort who cud help in this case. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Plzzzzzzzzzzzz Plzzzzzzzzzzz try it.

(PS genuine fan. i really dint know if any other possibility of knowin this song was available [I spent a whole day searching for this song on net, called etv office, tried soo many things tat i cud afford to but.. :(((( ].since u r a celeb n u get to meet various legends, I thought u might have an idea of this song..pleaseeeeeee chinamyiii i beg u.. Plz share the details or the link of original song r plzzz do something plzzzz..

Anonymous said...

@Chinmayi That's the beauty of internet. You have yo keep wondering and guessing what the real intentions are. By the way can you enable rss feeds for your comments as well?

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few reasons why some people post anonymously:
My reason:
1) I am not celebrity. I do not want to be one.

2) I post if I have something to say. As an inference of point 1, what I say is important and not who I am.

3) Am not a great fan. I like your songs but I comment because of your blog and not because you are a celebrity.

4) Even if I comment with my name, will it matter anyways to anybody else except for a 1 minute fame for me?

Anyway I did not comment in your Rama post.
"The year that whooshed by " is one of your recent well written articles. Wish you well for the year ahead !

Mathangi said...

So very bad of those idiots who comments such things :/
Nothing but bad up-bringing..
talking bad abt others and trolling are like hobbies !!
these ppl...... !
I know what amount of trolling u've faced on twitter. May God give u more Strength akka..

Rajshri Bharath K S said...

I dunno about anonymous comments but about 'bad comments', people should keep quiet if they don't agree with what a blogger is posting.

Ofcourse, polite comments and corrections are most welcome, cuz nothing is better than a nice argument in which people slam down their own opinions. But if they don't have the brains to argue properly, they tend to post such 'bad comments', which is a very unhealthy form of fighting.

Dear 'bad comment' posters,

*If you don't agree with the blogger, just move on to some other place where plenty of profanity is on offer, and comment there.

*Or better still, create a blog yourself, post something you don't like, and comment yourself. I doubt you have the brains even to do that.

*You have no idea what it takes to manage a blog. It may look beautiful from outside, but sitting and typing out articles in the dashboard isn't.

*lastly, a blog is where you express what you feel inside. That's y it's called a Blog and not a website. I'd suggest you look up Oxford English Dictionary, if you know what it is. Yeah, I'm being sarcastic.

tired of seeing bad comments on my own blog, can't see a fellow blogger suffer too.

Anonymous said...

First of all, m very sorry Chinmayi . I didn't know anything about bad comments which u have got in Ur blog., now I can see that from Ur mom's tweet.Sad that some girls r supporting that demons.Hope everyone those who abuse you,will understand/apologise you one day(if they have good heart).You have to do a lot for this world, dn't mind others.My supports&prayers r always with you.BTW sometimes I can see kannaki in you (that much power you have).Go ahead:)God Bless You. APB, number n....