Tuesday, March 28, 2006

First Round of Airtel Super Singer

In Coimbatore. 1st and 2nd April.
I might be posting updates from there or might not. Depends on how it will go. Am frankly looking forward to it.
Went to Besant Nagar beach after ages. I grew up in Adyar and I really miss that place. Nothing like Adyar and nothing like being close to the beach. Cycling down most of the times. Mom and I went and ate at Planet Yumm, bought some spiced boiled peanuts, which I buy from one particular lady. Its super. Sometimes, I have driven almost 18 kilometers to get that one pack of peanuts.
Anyway work has been great as usual. And its been great on the music side also. Life is good and me is joyful :)


Incognito said...

and me is glad :)

Priya said...
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ILA (a) இளா said...

18kms for peanuts. you are really crazy...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Have fun..Enjoy.!! Take life one day at a time.

Boiled Peanuts and 18 Kms..Hmmm.!! Tells us how much you like them.!!

We don't find it here as much..in California..but I was driving thru South Carolina a few months back and saw Boiled peanuts..almost in every gas station food outlets.!!

I like boiled peanuts ( aka - avicha kadalai ).

Blogeswari said...

vijay tv kovai express la kalakkiteenga!

Snowbeak said...

>bought some spcied boild peanuts, which I buy from one particular lady

if i had the money, i would come 4000 kms for that.

Gangadhar said...

Good to see this post,Chinmayi..
And i wish you to be happy forever and ever..
Have a nice time in coimbatore..

Ashanti OMkar said...

Yum yum babe - The 'peanut concoction' you pointed me towards in Chennai still leave a lingering yummy taste in my mouth!

Anonymous said...

Ms Chinmayi..

Hi, first time on your blog & when I found u r a singer so forced me to stop and read all possible entries, photos & audios as possible..

No no I wont say anything abt ur singing bcoz as you hv worked with Dr. Iliaya Raja, AR Rahman, they speak the capability abt ur singing…right!!!

Hope bollywood r going to get another singer from south along side Chitra…..all the best!!

And ya, hope to hear you in my blog also, maybe you can get something new which can help you…Hope!!


ArChaNaR said...

yummy.. i love boiled peanuts. missing it a lot.