Sunday, March 05, 2006

Extremely cute!

Have been outta blogging for such a long time now.

Have squeezed in a lot of work a couple of shows, one of which was in Coimbatore last Sunday and stuff like that. Beginning to understand how some people lose touch with friends and a lot of other things in life. Guess I now know why lots couldnt come to German class now that I am missing my own French classes. Not to mention a whole lot of other things. Even mailing people is postponed. I dont come online these days even to check offlines. I dont know whether this is transitory or not, but now that I am into work, I need to give my all. And also see that starting of a company is not childs play. Its only when more than 3 deadlines creep up per day, you know what work is all about and what it is to keep your word, at least as far as work is concerned. Also found that work gives me a perpertual high, eventhough sleep is in short supply. Maybe now, I would be able to understand how workaholics work, and when I do start counseling, I would be able to give in my personal inputs as well.

Happened to watch this ad. Check it out. Its damn cute. Really love the "Paati" in there. :) And I miss mine .. badly


MP said...

Hey great ad! funny but has a great meaning to it!
by the way great singing!

Incognito said...

Me first! Seems like everytime I bunk, you land up there and vice-versa.

Its only when you dread work, its such a bother. But I know you are enjoying work .. :)

Au revoir

Aravind said...

Good to know that ur new business is keepin u busy ;)
all the best :)

Pandhu said...

heard from JKeerthi's blogging that you sang in the VV audio release funtion..
Must have been great.
Aren't you gonna blog about it?

bharat said...

Dunno if that's an ad.

Try this for monstrously cute.

Amrita said...

welcome to the gang. i guess most of us go through this 'i am out of touch' syndrome some time or the other. a few months back my blog too suffered in a similar manner. but now, thank God, it is up again. try and keep in touch with the blogging world.

Amrita said...

welcome to the gang. few months back i suffered from a similar 'i am out of touch' syndrome. try and keep updating ur blog if u get some time, though i know how difficult it becomes.

Gangadhar said...

enjoyed da video..
tnx for sharing wid us..