Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Of excuses and more

Picture this. I assign work to some translators 5 days ago for delivery on Monday.I follow up and everything seems fine. And then on D Day, everyone has some excuse or the other to come up with.

Someone died, I have a virus, there was a power cut. And a few more as well. Its strange how people come up with the weirdest excuses sometimes. And how many people 'die' in the family or have an accident or fall sick. End result was I almost had a nervous breakdown. Though I managed to submit 3 files, two files in Noregian and Swedish rspectively need to be done. They are pretty huge. And thus soup state continues. Its just about 2 days since I slept. Managed to catch some rest this morning for about 2 hours. Then had a recording for an ad jingle. Came back. The the transponder transformer near my building burst and whole area was in darkness. I went into hyper tension mode again. But thankfully power was restored in about 10 minutes. Which was surprising.

So people, if anyone knows Swedish and Norwegian, get in touch with me

Also happened to sing at Vettaiyadu Vilayadu audio launch a couple of days ago. It was a pretty long function. Met a lot of people I knew. The launch happened at Satyam Theatres. And they screened one song "Velli Velli Nilave". Damn cool I thought. Then went out for lunch and then for a photo shoot. And came back the computer. Its been days since the system has been shut down. And the way things are going, it will be like that. But then I realize I thrive under pressure as long as work is concerned.
Also I saw that there were times I wanted to say something and then my brain totally shut down and there was no thought process at all. Dont know what that means. "ZGo sleep" maybe! :)
Going to meet my prof again for the project for my masters. So many other things are also happening. ... watch this space :-)

As for me, I better start jamming on the keyboards again.


lord labakkudoss said...


athu transponder illa transformer.. :-)

guess u need some sleep..:-)

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

he he cant believe I went through that text again to correct mistakes and this one didnt strike me :)

Incognito said...

happy women's day. D, take care.. Any help, buzzzz

Natrajan Thamizhmani said...

You definitely need some sleep.. Best of luck to get things done in time.

Bala said...

uff...what a schedule...and bschoolers including me ;) complain abt their 'no-sleep' routines..u really need some help...hope u get it real :-)