Sunday, February 19, 2006

We went to the Sufi Music festival, Ruhaniyat, yesterday. It was exhilarating to be there. It was organized by by an organization from Mumbai called the Banyan Tree. I learnt a lot of nuances thanks to mom who kept bringing my attention to those. Off topic, there seemed to be an aircraft going over our heads almost every 10 minutes. The venue was the Race Club Grounds guindy. No matter how many times I might fly, nothing like checking out an aircraft during its flight from terra firma. Coming back, there was a performance of the Fakirs (Hyderabad) Manganiyars (Rajasthan), Baul music(Bengal), Tibetan chants which I frankly could not comprehend, Sufi Qawwali by two groups, one Punjabi and the other from Muradabadgroup, and the Drums of Kerala. Of this group the Rajasthani and the Muradabad group got a lot of response from the audience. It was an evening to remember.

I got featured in the Indian Express today on "My Money". I really liked the style in which it was written. Thanks to a friend of mine, who let me know that it came on the papers today. Would have missed it otherwise :)

Went to my contact classes and we are trying to think of a topic for psychological study for my Project work for masters. Any ideas? Do let me know. If it is related to artistes, better. :)

Time to draw the curtains on another day. Tomorrow will be a new play


MJ said...

hey chinmayi,how about doing a project based on special not very sure of how and what could be done but jus a thought.

Baejaar said...

Psychology is an interesting area and there are loads of area for research. Here are few that I can give off hand without having spent any time

1. Environmental Behavior Relationships:
It could be as simple as how the settings/decor in the Sabha (if that is the right term) affects the listener's mood.

2. Genetic inclination to taste:
Whether twins have same interest in arts may be music to be specific.

3. Psychological state osciallations due to music:
How about studying what kind of music affects the mind in what way? Wouldnt it be nice if the outcome leads to differnent types of music being played in different portions of the software campus? Like some particular music, to help concentrate, another for just relaxation, one for welcoming visitors at lobby with music which is optimistic etc.

Actually the examples are a bit contrived, since I am trying to relate it to music. But then you can do research either with or without/involving music.

BTW before you select a topic, take into account the time period available for research.

Dheepak RA

Unknown said...

May be U can do a project on the psychological difference between those gifted with soft skills and those who are not? And, how do u cultivate them? If you can come up with somethign, I am sure it's gonna be a lot of help for many.

Gangadhar said...

I'm glad that you got featured in Indian express!!
Could you pl gimme the weblink for that particular entry?
thank you.

Incognito said...

Super to know about Indian Express.

Where's u?

For master's project : How about " Babies/Infants reaction to music ? OR Music/Vedic sessions during pregnancy ?-Here you can start with Sita. Luv Kush were supposed to have heard the Vedas from Rishi.. I'm not getting the name rite now, when she had them in his ashram..

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Balaji S Rajan said...


We would have been glad if you had given us the link about the article in Indian Express. We would have been extremely glad to read about you in Indian Express. All the best for your career and higher education.

Leonardo said...

How bout this topic " The subtle intricasies of the mind of Leonardo da Vinci "

Santosh Jayamurugan said...

I would go with wat Baejaar said in his 3rd the buzz in the sw industry now circled out to stress management and many proffessionals fighting to overcome...

ur work on taking music as a cure to it will surely make u an altar among them if u succeed....

As many r unable to hold their nerves though gettin a heavy pay for which a root cause is "STRESS"....

Can ur work prove futile?..waiting for a cure as my colleagues in my field...

Bala said...

Hey, I just read the article on Express courtesy google cache..nice info :)
danke schon

We are the worst with money! exclaims Chinmayi’s mother, but on speaking to the 22 year-old singer with hits in New, Whistle, Boys and Sandakozhi, a degree in e-commerce, who is proficient in German, has just launched a translation service company called ‘Blue Elephant’, plans to design and sell silver jewellery and is hard at work on her own album, we’re inclined to think otherwise. Trained since she was two by her musicologist mother as an “experimental subject on voice culture”, Chinmayi took the Tamil music industry by storm at the age of 15, with her debut in Kannathil Muthammital. And she didn’t have to grovel at studio doorsteps with a demo CD to get her break. She was simply “taken across to Rahman sir”.

Though she hasn’t invested in anything except the gold jewellery adorning her on shows like Sapthaswarangal on Sun TV, in the future, Chinmayi says she would like to buy bonds and property. Where her money does go though, is on clothes and accessories, spending which she declares to be “an occupational hazard”. “If I wear a set of clothes and jewellery once, heaven help me if I wear it again! Even if I wore it five years ago, or try to mix and match, somebody will remember. This is a problem, especially if you don’t wear sarees. The director of the show will say: ‘Haven’t you worn this already?’ and ask you to change. So I really go on overdrive on spending on clothes and accessories, because they’re literally use-and-throw. It’s a pity you don’t get disposable ones!” And these are no generic mall-bought threads or trinkets: “We get it done from North India… Delhi and Rajasthan.”

The singer prefers cash to credit; she got her first credit card only two months ago when she needed to pay for the services of one of her translators who lived abroad. “We don’t believe in credit cards,” she explains. “I use cash and my debit card… it’s better to use something that’s in the account. Even if I use my card, the next thing you know, I’m in the ATM making the payment. So, no accumulated bills for me!”

And here’s Chinmayi’s tip on money management that might be music to your ears: “I would say, if you’re average middle class, and have been working and earning say, Rs 20,000 - 30,000 and you get a raise of Rs 7,000, you can still live on that and invest the extra money in something.”

As told to Shruti Ravindran