Friday, February 03, 2006

A question about selling on EBay

So we 'sold' an HP IPaq on Ebay. A "buyer" buys it and then gives contact information and all that. And says he will send the money order.

Then comes a mail from Western Union Auction Pay which directs me to ship the item to the buyer since the amount that is due to us is confirmed. And then it asks us to enter the tracking number on a hyperlined word. I click on the link, which does not work.

Then I google this Bid Pay and then it says they have stopped operations on the 31st December 2005. More than that, immediately is spelt as immidiately in the mail. As far as I know, no reputed company will have spelling mistakes in their correspondence I guess. I also get a scanned cheque which is sent for proof.

Now I wait to be enlightened. Is this a sham? Or is this trustworthy?

Please let me know.


donthecat said...

Reeks of a Nigerian ebay scam . In fact all your observations point to it

1. The WU connection
2. the spelling mistakes
3. The cheque.

On the dot. Not worth the follow-up. Pls read this and be enlightened.

If you want more details, chek the webites I'd mailed you earlier. Knowledge is Power :-)

donthecat said...

Afterthot : Just check the spellings of immediately in the scam mail examples in the 1st linked webpage :-))

Sriram said...

Hey Chinmayi
This sounds like a scam. I had experience once while trying to sell a TV. But just for fun, i kept replying to that person and asked for details.. As noted ine one of the comments, these guys are from Nigeria or some place in Africa and take things for ride.. Before you send any of your stuff, check the validity of the money order, wait till the money is transferred to your account and get a phone number to contact them.. It always safe to play all your cards right..