Sunday, February 12, 2006

Was a good Sunday. Went off to MGM Resorts around noon with family friends. Good fun, and havent done something like this. Get togethers like this usually has a lot of music thrown in. Was more of my quieter self today. Sometimes, I think there are sides to me that I dont know of. There is no particular reason why I switch off. But then I do. Was asked if something was wrong. Point is, nothing was. But I was still not some effervescent thing around. As for MGM they frankly need to work on their food. But their coffee was great. It was good being back at the beach side after a long while. I really love the sea, but dont like wetting my feet. Cos, after that, getting the feet stuck with grains of sand for a long time, and the hemline of my pants wet fo even longer, is definitely not my scene. Also did something I had forgotten about. Collecting sea shells.

While there I called on my professor, whom I was instructed to call by my university since I had missed my practical classes. Point is, I was not informed about it. Actually I haven't written a single exam of my Masters degree to date, and was wondering what will happen to my lofty dreams of PhD and was worried about losing 2 years. I hadnt received the material to study, received no intimation about the exams or schedules. Nothing. So I made one of the repeat calls to the professor, and tried to fix up a date for me to finish the practicals. And he asked me who I was again. I went about explaining. And then he told me that he had taught me when I was doing my BSc with Madras Univ. For practicals. I heaved a huge sigh of relief. And rattled off saying I need help with the practicals, the course materials, the exams, my MPhil AND MY PhD. He patiently said he would take care of everything and that I need not worry. I bet he was amused. Thank God for teachers especially like him, especially for students like me. But then I guess it also helps if you have been a good kid in class .. ;) he he

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kp;) said...

hey .. finish wid ur studies gal,..i guess there`s so much of coll life n fun ur missin out on,...the price to pay if u r a celebrity....anyways, grt tht u had fun at the beach resort...has been a while since ive been to a beach myself...glad tht we both like to collect sea shells ! :)