Friday, February 17, 2006

I went to the Dhrupad Festival today at the Museum theatre, Egmore and caught a performance of the Rudra Veena and following that, vocals by Gundecha Brothers, who sang Gavathi, Basant and one more raaga. I liked Gavathi best. It was good to listen to the Pakhawaj as the accompaniment in a concert, as it was the first time I heard it in this setting, even though the concept is not new to me. Pakhawaj is played as an accompaniment to Odissi dance which I have been learning since my 10th std. Off and on.

The audience were a revelation. I saw that there is a huge faithful following for Hindustani Classical music, even for Dhrupad, which has almost faded into oblivion save a few people who are keeping the art alive. Please read my mother's blog for more information on the Dhrupad style of Hindustani Classical Music. And in addition, the audience had almost a 50% of youngsters. Again pretty surprised. There must be something that must catch the attention of young blood! And some popular carnatic musicians as well. I am not gonna write about what I felt and because I feel that I need to grow before I can comment on this art form. Saw that mom had tried to teach me some nuances of the Dhrupad style, and I am still trying to catch on.

Chennai is becoming more and more open to other music, dance and art forms. I saw that a Susmit Bose was going to perform in the city at Amethyst, who sings folk music, and his lyrics have powerful messages of AIDS awareness, empowerment of women, education or so I remember the pamphlet saying. Also got to meet a lot of people we had lost touch with, at this cocnert. And realized concerts not only offer music but also become mini or macro get togethers. I used to be amused when I heard people saying that the December Music festival is also when you flaunt your best jewellery and clothes, but I caught a gist of it today. The people that come have a particular aura about them.

And I LOVED the acoustics of the Museum Theatre. Though it can hold just about 500 people and odd, I would love to sing there some day. And give a dance performance as well. That would be cool!


Twin-Gemini said...

Hi Chinmayi

Nice to know that Hindustani music is getting a good exposure there. The only ones that happen here is that of very popular artists or some kind of fusion.

Do you know of any programs in the next month? I am coming over to Madras next weekend and would be glad to go to one of these concerts.

Jo said...

A lot of people, including youngsters, are attracted to the Hindustani music. Perhaps it is the romantic mood of Hindustani compared to the spiritual mood of Carnatic.

T.Padmhasini said...

Jo, content is the same ofor both systems. Bhakthi is the common element in Indian music which makes our music exclusive. It is the lilt, pitch perfection, richness and absolute control over voice culture which make Hindustani system very attractive. And the accompanying tabla has got a captivating sound to steal your heart at once.

Incognito said...

U danse :O Never knew. Surprises of surprises.. Bharathanatyam?