Saturday, June 24, 2006

I booked online for a movie for the first time through
I must say that it was damn cool. Sitting at home, booking tickets and just landing up there. The only thing would be to get into the complex and find parking.

We were pretty much bang on time, watched X Men 3. And we also booked the grub that can come to us during interval. So no need to stand in queue, get pushed about and stuff like that. Only the Popcorn that came to us, I thought it was a wee bit stale. But otherwise the concept rocks. You pay an extra 5 bucks for booking online, an extra 10/- if you are choosing your seats and an extra 10 for ordering your food. For about 450 bucks the work was done for the three of us.

And my new crush is the Bird Man in X Men 3 !!!


sykora said...

They didn't give the bird man enough to do. All they show him is cutting his wings up and then suddenly save his father who's falling off the top of a building. I liked what they did with the bridge though. That was awesome.

Karthik Murali said...

the world is getting flatter by the day..
and if ur still dreaming when it is gonna happen then wake up.

Ram Iyer said...

The "bird man" character initially appeared part of Marvel Comics as a villian in Spiderman.
However, the "bird man" was referred to as the Vulture or Vulture-man in Spiderman tales.
Later there was a also a series by Hanna Barbera featuring another Bird-man as a good guy,
a superhero. Another character called Bird-Boy (like Robin in Batman) was also added later.