Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I know I wanted to blog about something, but now that the window is open, I forgot what..

for now I am super excited about watching MI-3 today, before most people in India :)
Lets say its the usual kiddy thing about getting something first before anyone else ... yoo hooooo

Actually gotta lot to blog about Super Singer.. me is having super fun.... for me its super fun... :D
Me happy and joyful


ILA (a) இளா said...

good going Chin,expecting the finalls. I think you are busy with Super Singer nowdays, is that the reason you are blogging often?

Sriram said...

so can get the review of MI 3 from u first it seems!! do blog abt MI 3 soon....

Karthik Murali said...

thats cool..u got the dvd is it?? or u got some special tickets for a preview show???? whatever it is have gr8 fun and enjoy the movie..
and didnt u see da vinci code before that? i also suggest u to watch munich..