Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mom, B and I went to see Krrish tonight. Booked tickets online once again, I am liking this. And when the guy came with pop corn in the interval, he says Singer Chinmayi?? Your autograph please? So signed something in the darkness across some pink slip which I know is a receipt for whatever we bought and the goods came to the right person.

Hrithik Roshan is one great guy. No I dont have a crush on him, but I totally admire his work. And his hard work just shines through in all that he has done. Its brilliant. His dancing talents are unmatchable. Even if he is executing some step wherein he flies up in the air and lands back, each micro movement is in beat, when he takes off, when he is in air, and when he lands back and dissolves into the next step. Great structure. And excellent form. I dont know if I have technically become his fan, but I definitely admire is will power and his gut. Great going Hrithik, GO!!! The movie as a whole was very Bollywood. I was stunned with the way the trailer was cut, I waiting for this movie with bated breath, but when I did leave my breath out it was not a gasp of 'wow' more like a 'huh'? Well I expected too much. But I must say that its a worthy. Mom loved the movie. And I think I messed up with the order. You shouldnt see an Indian Super hero movie with special effects after X Men 3

And as for my swimming today, the lesser said, the better.


Karthik Murali said...

oops.. i forgot to ask u all this time..
Can i have an autograph of yours pls..
Atlest a digital one???

Gangadhar said...

Wow..that's great experience with Hrithik..And I sincerely wish for your autograph..Hope i'll get it soon...
You're one of my family members..just go and visit my blog for details..
thank you

astute87 said...

Gr.. man ur writing is not bad either!... multi faceted huh!

good stuff..


S said...

i did the same thing - and went, "100 bucks for this" after the film!! :D

X-Men III on the other hand was just soooooooooooooo good!!! wolverine forever!!!!! :D

Rajesh said...

Yep...Krrish suffers the excessive expectation syndrome....not the movie's fault though...my review was exactly on the same lines....you can read my review at http://rajeshprakasam.blogspot.com/2006/06/krrish-movie-review.html

I am just loving Hritik....not sure when I became his fan...maybe after seeing Lakshya in FILMY channel..that was just too good...:-)

X-men on the other hand was fantastic..:-)

Pani said...

Hi Chins.
I've been reading your blogs for a long time. You seem soooo busy all the time unlike me. Take care of yourself girl.


Raja Krishnan said...

hello akka..
too much expectation spoil the broth..
lets see for krish returns..
but really hats off to hrithick..

Vinod Ramamoorthy said...

But I thought the special effects were the only thing good in the movie !! :) .. Its not that U get to c amazing stunt in an indian movie .. It was better than vikram jumping around in anniyan!Wat say ?