Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Filmfare - Launch of Tamilnadu Issue

With Ilayathalapathi Vijay On the the first Issue.
Was a great evening, and I happened to host it. Was also pretty kicked about it and had a lot of fun.

I was slightly nervous as it was a live event and there are no retakes. But hey, there is always a first time. And probably there can no better place to try it out for the first time than an event like this huh?

The team I work with at Vijay TV Super Singer Junior was also present, and after the short ceremony was over, I was back on the job as the host of SSJ. Not that it was planned of course. As long as SSJ is concerned, nothing is planned. All goes on the lines of reality and goes impromptu :D

I went about asking the celebrities present to say a few good words to the contestants. Mrs Khushboo came in a little later, and I waylaid her even before she could enter the ballroom for the actual event. She was damn sweet to oblige and once she was inside, there was a makeshift dance floor, and she was immediately asked to hit it. And once she was there, no one even wanted to bat an eyelid. In a super sari, I was awed by the way she moved. I joined her after a while, and given the choice, I 'd dance with her any day :D
Short evening but a great one. Would be super to have Filmfare in Chennai...


Swetha said...

I am sure that you must have heard it a million times, 'you sing very well'!

I really think it is amazing that you keep your blog updated and write good articles! Keep up the good work..

Unknown said...

is the filmfare tamilnadu edition in english or in tamil.
I would not be able to read it if it is in tamil


Vishesh said...

:) ssj is nice...real is actually funnay and cute...:)

madhu.g said...

Hi. I miss seeing you hosting. But will check somewhere in youtube or somewhere... so just waiting for someone to post those. When can I meet you for autograph or please send me by post. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.