Monday, April 02, 2007

Some April fool!!!!!

Verrrrrry neat trick by Google. GMail Paper indeed.
I was wondering how privacy is not compromised when the mails are printed and delivered to you. And then the 'paper' is made of "96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum"... Sputum?? Gives me vivid pictures of a highly gooey and yucky and blleaarrrrrgh-y material.

And to think all your mails from everybody is printed in sputum. Picture this. A love letter, or in my case, an EMail coming from an award committee somewhere to say Hey Chinmayi, you have won so so and so for singing such and such, is printed in sputum.. I am going nuts now. I am giggling uncontrollably at my lack of ability at translating my mirth into writing.

And then one of the testimonials are given by an 'Armchair Futurist'. I have absolutely no clue what that is supposed to mean. But what springs to my mind's eye, is lazing on an arm chair, (or can I make it a recliner, the type that comes in Friends??), sipping lemon tea, and thinking about the future, for other people, and being paid to do think about that. Actually our parents have been doing that, of course they were probably driving around, or in some other mode of transport or eating between hectic schedules, thinking about how to give us the best future beyond their means.

Anyway I thought the concept was weird. But I can't say that I didn't totally buy it.

But hey, nothing like a neat trick. :D


Directhit said...

:D and did you know that this was yet another of their april fool stuff....

And YOU ROCK in Sahana!! wonderful!!

News from Prasanna said...

this was the other google april fool prank

Unknown said...


Vishesh said...

lovely..april fool..we all are fools arem't we??

reva said...

Hi chinmayi,

I read yr page on "Aval Vikatan",superb, it really makes me happy to see having such unique talents, its amazing that you have started yr translation company, and also Hats off to your knowledge of the german language.Actually I was learning german language my self some time ago, but now i dont find time,it is indeed a fantastic language , wish i could learn it quite well like you.I should alos say that am a good Fan of yr Singing Side, and you also make a good anchor on TV shows, i just love yr dressing sense too, you are different , keep going , you have many things ahead in yr successful career, good luck


titto said...

Yes, that one from google was a great googly :0
Every year they have similar pranks and this is a blog i have come across with info about this. Worth reading