Monday, April 02, 2007

Sivaji - Sahana

It definitely does, as long as I am concerned. Sahana gives me a soft drizzle, And the Sahara now has a valley of flowers.
Though the songs of Sivaji were released by some nitwit on the internet, and there were comments to my earlier blogs asking if I had sung the song, I resolutely kept them unanswered and refrained from publishing the comments as well. It has always been a practice not to mention the songs I have recorded, until they release.
Several changes from the time a song is probably recorded for the first time. Lyrics change, singers change, expressions change, and in some cases the song is entirely removed, as has been the case with a few songs that I have sung before for other Music composers. Sometimes, it might hamper the flow of the movie, or it may be scrapped for reasons best known to the main people behind the movie.
It is pretty tough to explain to people that I don't want to talk about what I am working on, but then can't blame those who want to know.

The songs from Sivaji have been getting non stop airtime, thanks to all the FM Stations here, and a lot of people seem to have heard and have nice things to say about 'Sahana'.

I am told, I sound way different in this one as well, and all credits, as ever shall go to Rahman Anna.

And hope your best wishes and blessings will be with me.


Kumar said...

Hi Chinmayi,
I am a huge fan of your voice, and have been digging up all your songs to chart your career. What astonishes me most is how easily you can control and restrain your voice, unlike other excellent singers like Shreya Ghoshal. And that is no hyperbole. You do sound different each time. I had trouble recognising you in the Sahana Saaral song! But it is fantastic. My only regret is that you aren't singing more often. There are many people who have no business singing for the Tamil industry, but there it is.

May I also say that you write well, earnestly and without artifice. Some of your restaurant reviews have also been very helpful.

All the best in your endeavours!

Vicky said...


The song is really nice and it becomes one of my fav songs.

Good work.


F e r r a r i said...

Hi Chinmayi,
The song is really good. To be specific, I liked the way you went 'oh oh' at different parts of the song. Good job :)

Aboorva said...

songs are really super and it becomes one of our fav. music by rehman sir was excellent

Anonymous said...

I have to say the song "Sahana" was terrific. Really enjoyed it, good job!

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

thanks :D
and Parthi, thanks... hope you understand that I cant publish that one :)

Neo Amaan said...

wow !!!

I was surprised by your different voice in tere bina, and now the sweetness flows in sahana !

simply WOW !!
I must send you a few of my tunes ( quite badly sung by me) and see if you can throw some life into my tunes.
hoping to hear back from you chinmayee !

Unknown said...

mmm expected a more detailed review of sahara song. like what happened during the recording and how fun it was recording etc.. definitely this is a bumper for u.. singer in sivaji where the three giants of the cine industry join together.

if possible, give a deeper look on ur recording experience. what did director shankar say abt ur song? did superstar give any comments on ur song? come on yaar.. more info plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

matthew88 said...

Chinmayi & All, Its maddening to know that Audio Piracy is so rampant..that even b4 the songs are released, its published in the Net. I'm yet to lay my Hands on the Original CD since its unavailable & itching to hear the Song.. Guys, Please oppose Piracy.

btw, is there any significance to "Sahana" in this song ?

V said...

Nice one, going to be in my all-time favorite songs.
Seems like your voice is back to the E20U18 and Kangalal Kaidhu Sei days :), this sounded very different from Tere bina.

Sriram said...

Am hearing to Sahana from Shivaji (not the version which got released last week)..Lemme tell you, your voice modulations in that song is wonderful.. particularly liked the part when you stepped up from a husky icy tone to a sharp tone.. it was darn good too hear.. Kudos...

SARAS said...

Sahana is really




good job done by youuuuuuuuuuuu

all the best for ur success

Rahmanic said...

Hi chinmayi...
Was wondering who is the female singer when I heard the song first..came to know only after seeing the credits...blame to ur voice which is different in each of ur do u do that? fabulous and the music man its really haunting..
ARR proved id the BOSS

Chinmayee keep up ur good work in the future ... waiting to seeing u getting a national award..


Unknown said...

heard the song.. its kool.
and 'Oru kudai sunlight' that rocks.

JaJa Binks said...

Lovely voice in Sahana !!!

Very very sweet !!!

Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks !

Special Thanks to ARR. Superarrrrr

SARAS said...

Udit Narayan, Chinmayi | Lyrics : Vairamuthu.

If it was Munbe Vaa in 2006, then it is Sahana in 2007. Rahman just loves doing the soft melodies. But the best part about Rahman is that he is able to consistently break the bench marks he sets himself and keep pushing his music further to the next level with constant improvisation and re-inventions. He does it again this time with Sahana. Udit Narayan and Chinmayi are picture- perfect for the song, though Udit might need some more intensive Tamil classes to catch up. Rahman’s interlude is just the icing on the cake. Watch for the way Chinmayi signs off at end, talent written all over!

Vairamuthu comes up with a masterpiece. It is said that Rajinikanth wished the poet personally for his work on this song.

see this link

crsathish said...

every time ur voice sounds very different and sweet, of course. u have come long way from "daivam thandha". congrats.
"sahana" will certainly replace "tere bina".

Soundar G said...

When I heard the song "Sahana", it instantly captivated me. A nice melody from A.R.Rahman. I somehow could recognize your voice almost immediately (your voice in "tere bina" song was a revelation though). You have given subtle and apt expression to the song and the little hummings and improvisation are done very well. Your voice remains pleasing all through the spectrum. I especially liked the part when you go from a low husky tone to a high pitch.

Keep up the good work. Wish you good luck.



lvprasad said...

Hey Chinmayi,

A Beautiful song "sahana saral" and I liked the versions of udit and your combo. Your voice resembled that of "enna idhu" from nala damayanthi (sema variation...thanks to Rahmanji)..It is one of the best ones which reminded of "En veedu thotathil ARR". The way u have finished song was amazing with that haunting humming piece.....

All the best for many more...melodies like this...


Dhiraj said...

hey chinmayi,

Great song girl, I was surprised at Udit's range, I never heard him singing in such a high note. Loved ur rendition, loved the way you ended it. a very soothing number after Munbe Vaa from Rehman Saab.

SARAS said...


Which song do you like from Sivaji?
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Vaaji Vaaji
9 21.4%

8 19%

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The Boss
3 7.1%

2 4.8%

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balar said...

Sahana is a wonderful melody song..You and Udit sung very well..Espicially i like your hummings at the end of song..good work.

Unknown said...

Sahanaa pattu vazhiya saralamana
hittu kuduthakku..nanri madam. The was you ended the song is garnering a lot of attention, I read. I hope God bestows many more such opportunities on you..also kudos for your excellent rendition of "Tere bina.." - you took it a different plane all together.

Unknown said...

Sahanaa pattu vazhiya saralamana
hittu kuduthakku..nanri madam. The was you ended the song is garnering a lot of attention, I read. I hope God bestows many more such opportunities on you..also kudos for your excellent rendition of "Tere bina.." - you took it a different plane all together.

Lakshmi Narayanan B said...

Really nice song.....Listened ur song yesterday only.Greatt singing...................

Raghothama said...

Hi Chinmayee....

I seem to have been obsessed with this song of urs from Shivaji... I seem to be hearing it day in and out... But the great thing is my mind is still not able to co relate ur voice in this song and ur voice in other songs that u have sung for ARR>.. Deftly ARR has sdone something to this ...

Vins said...

The variation you have given while singing "Sahana saral..." first time in the song is awesome!!! (approx 2:20th minute, you start with sahara pookkal... and then Sahana saaral). That discrete variation while singing the word "Sahana" mesmerized me.
Just incredible!


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Great song !! Wonderfully sung by both you and Udit. Your voice is really sweet and bhavams are superb. I like the ending a lot!

Udit's tamil is a lot better in this song IMHO and I feel he has sung it a lot better than VY. Pardon me VY fans!

matthew88 said...

the frustrating wait was finally over & I got the Audio CD delivered.
I'm stunned overall and Sahana is another great song from A.R.Rahman.

Two brilliant singers - Udit Narayanan & Chinmay - have done a great job.
If there was one reason to give 99/100 for this song, it may be Udit's pronounciation of a few words like "vaalum/vaazhum".
But his Scale is one of the song's +points.

and there is something that makes Chinmayi sound different in this song...sounding much younger.
in "Kannathil Muthamitaal" you could feel the voice of a Mother. and in Tere Bina it was that of a much matured lady.
"Sahana" sounds like the voice of a playful energetic young woman.
Would love to know if the "oh o..o..."s in the end of the song were voluntarily done / instructed.

The strings - the mirudangam & the chorus in the song enforce its strength.
Rahman's interlude is a bonus like in several other songs (Chinna Aasai, Aathangara marame, Kannalane to name a few).

I realised there is only one Charanam ! only after having heard the song more than 3/4 times.
I would be a double delight if this song also comes out in Hindi !!!

Anonymous said...

brilliant song chinmayee.
all the best in all your endeavors.

Tiger said...

I missed you last lines ..

I am told, I sound way different in this one as well, and all credits, as ever shall go to Rahman Anna.

and wrote the same comments onces again..

Best of Luck ..

Aparna said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Your voice sounds so lovely in this song! You have sung really well! I esp. liked the way you have sung the lines in the charanam.

madhu.g said...


your voice im a big fan yaar. how do you sing so easily? how do you tune with your voice the lyrics wonderfully? how you are able to control the flow of variations accordingly with music instruments? I try to sing the way you sing in my bathroom.... all credits to you and the person who is extracting the talent in you my best person in life arr anna.

iSoftech said...

I really love the song very much specifically your voice, Its really merged with the tune and cant even imagine it was your voice. Thank God It came out very well... I wish it was how Rehman anna and you want it to be...

D.K.Iyer said...

Simply fantastic. What raagam is this?

Bala said...

It is extremly good i like this song very much..What is the next film u r going to sing

Anonymous said...

Dear Chinmayi,

I love this song very much. I just want to let you know that your voice just perfect and you did such a good job on this song.