Sunday, May 13, 2007

How does someone get the word count in an Excel documents?

Could someone tell me?


matthew88 said...

3rd Party s/w Tools are available.. but as always they are trial versions and Messy !

Work arounds could be like exporting to Word Doc & then get the word count.

I'm sure others know better ways to do this !! I wish this was in Linux :) so I could be of some help.

Puvi said...

Have a look at this link


iSoftech said...

I hope the link Puri has given will be useful...

Truth said...

I understood this as
a) Find the total number of words matching a pattern.
b) But after reading the comments I think you wanna know the total number of words in the excel.
But in either case, its simple. Solution is
a) =countif(Range, Pattern) -- The first parameter is the area of the xls which you intend to search and the Pattern is self explanatory :)
b) a simple macro will do it.

And a personal one, are you the singer or you used her photo? :)

Truth said...

hey, is your problem solved? Was it option a or option b?

V said...

Most easiest, copy the table in Excel and paste it in word. You can get the word count in word easily :)