Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trados Freelance

One of the most expensive software that I have come across. Costs a freaking 1000 USD and some clients insist that I absolutely HAVE to use it to translate. One, I am not a fan of CAT tools as far as translation is considered.

This is a rant. Thats all there is to it.


Rien said...

Trados is admittedly expensive and not even very good at that. It's not necessary for literary translation work, for example, but I find it very useful for technical translation.
Having said that, it does worry me that the company that now produces it, namely SDL, is also very busy making my profession obsolete by creating machine translation systems.
By the way, I got my Trados cheaper by buying someone's old 6.5 version and ordering an update. The other possibility is to join a group buy at www.proz.com .
Good luck with your work!

- Marinus from Canada

Vijay Krishnan said...

may i kindly know how u upload your audio to your blog. i read it has some cost involved. kindly clarify. i was googling and lost patience.

sriramk said...

anchor, singer, tech writer, food buff and columist thats to name a few i [as a no body] know you do for a living,
just a thought,... how much of this rant is because u r stressedddd out, do you enjoy what you do??

taggy said...

3 years ago in my first year at college some only told me u need office suite to do this work and it cost in xKs i chose the Openoffice . may be u shud start looking for alternates and convince the client yours is much better . Atleast thats what i do with most of my answers in exams .Write them down and convince others its better

Honey Bee said...

Am dumb in this. Trados or Brados is all greek and latin to me.

tarakeshwar said...

AH.. GOOD i SEE open office here and there among the end users... good sign... but I don't understand how open office can help u translate...? Rendering native language characters rocks in open office!