Monday, May 07, 2007

Of soaring temperatures

What happens when the AC in your car conks and you dont have the time to take it into the garage and get it fixed. You feel like how hens feel when they are broiled or whatever else. One I have to keep the glass raised as much as possible, so that my throat is not exposed to all the vehicular emissions and I have to bathe in perspiration.
I see that most people on two-wheelers are on the same road.
And probably this is what is adding to the increase in road rage amongst people who have to take the heat from the sun, and the the engines in full swing around them.

I also realize it is extremely easy to lose one's temper when someone is physically uncomfortable. And also, quite understandable when people in the lower stratas of the society have the shortest fuse and some of the foulest words in their dictionary. Why ever not? When people driving around in cars and bikes build up major temper on the road, why wouldn't those who live on the line of poverty, discomfort, lack of hygiene, and the basic quality of life?
All we have to endure is the hours on the road, until we get back to our homes, to our cool rooms, with a solid roof above our heads, great food and a comfortable bed. And yet, we complain. Complain about the food not reaching earlier on the table, with the right assortments and the right condiments, complain about not reaching anywhere earlier, complain about not getting things when we want and the way we want. Complain is all most of us can do.
Though it is an easy way, when elders told us to look at those who have less when we crib about what we don't have to feel happy with what we have, how many of us want to, or can make a difference to the lives around us?
Would it be that difficult for people to eradicate the slums around if they wanted to? Mumbai is supposed to have some of the biggest areas, as slums. Would it be that difficult, to just convert those places as high-rises or whatever other comfortable living area for those who need? Its a basic human right to want to live in good surroundings. Would it be so tough if all the citizens of a city, thought of the others living probably just a few hundred meters away from them, pooled in some money and built societies for the less privileged to live in? Why should one always blame the leaders, or the Government or the politicians. What are the people doing? Why can't all those who have the money do something, get things in place? The land is ours, the soil is ours, but we want to sit pretty and let things move around us.
Even if someone has the initiative, all that the others can do is squash whatever they have, extinguish the fire to bring about a change in the lives of others.
The human race has forgotten to be humane. And of course all we can do, moi included is only complain, as thought rarely translates into action. And even in cases that it does, a feeble action is forced through the tar or the sand, as the case may be, on the hot roads in India. And the World.
But glad I am that I have a blog that is not banned, my freedom of expression remains in this vast country that is Hindustan



Hi there chinmayi ,
Ya its true ,
Heat can sometimes get the best of ppl !
Hey one question ,
were you the one who did the dubbing for Tanisha in Unnale Unnale ? And you look Tanisha Mukerjee.. Hehehe ! Go visit my blog in ur free time !

koushik venkatesan said...

good thoughts.

Aboorva said...

People with ‘One Mind, One Thought’ became great achievers in the world. Lovely and so true. Good post as always.

Vishesh said...

tell you what...why don't you start a blog or a group to bring such things to light.I am sure bloggers will come up to help and change the lives of our people.....i am ready to take up the project........the major problem is if i try to start something of that nature...people don't want to take it up just because i am 15yr old.....i am ready....after WE ARE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA!!

Priyanka Sarkar said...

very true!!
on one hand we complain of the sloth in advancement of the nation and on another block everyone who treis to bring about progress!!!
well written....

Musically Me said...


That is what I like the most about organizations such as habitat for humanity. it is a very practical cause they are fighting for....Your thoughts are in line with their motto... Good one...

EsKay said...

Good thoughts but people have been talking about these for donkeys years from days of Budhas. Life is full of struggles. As Darwin says it is survival of the fittest. You can add the luckiest in that phrase now.

Firstly one can start by not bargaining from those poor vendors on the street and stop complaining about slums in the society. Slums appear in different form in differnt parts of the world. be it Chennai, Bombay, London, NY or California. It is there. As long as there is a need for a poor labour, there will be one.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I am glad you are looking out for those forgotten people of the slums! Not many people care.

Well, when it's time for an election suddenly these slums come alive in politicians minds. After that..only during the next election.

Unfortunately that's the fate of the poor people in India. I bet it will take ages for these to be reversed..I am sorry, I don't think it will happen during my lifetime.

Why am I so pessimistic? I don't know!


Now to the A/C: It will be horrible no doubt! Especially during the dog days in Chennai.


intruder said...

"The human race has forgotten to be humane"

not really. there are some who really care, including u =)

anyhow, i'd still blame the govt and partly the citizens who don't want to contribute to society's wellbeing by paying their taxes and those who lack the knowledge to choose their leaders wisely.

it is something that has been argued over many times and yes i hear many still cry over this powerlessly

Truth said...

Hey, I read your blog. Your are trying to say something strong, well then, you have done it perfectly too. But this is not my comment, I certainly need some more time to comment on this blog. May be I will have to read it few more times. You also have a implicit disclaimer on your blog saying this blog has given you freedom to express your thoughts. And this avoids me to comment on your blog, but may be once I am done with my write up, get into my blog and check the same. One Liner: Well done.