Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Is It

There is a reason why MJ is called the King of Pop. He is the King of the stage, of the hearts he has set up permanent residence in, of performance, of pitch perfection, of singing, of music. And this is all that reaches my level of comprehension. There is so much more that others would know and much more that no one would never know. Just like they say - Genius can never be comprehended or understood.
After watching this feature, I wondered again on how easily and inappropriately we use words like Genius, Brilliance, Talent and several such compliments like that on pretty substandard fares. Its my humble opinion which has taken root even more in me, after this evening, that the words Genius and Legend cannot be used at the drop of a hat. I once noticed a talent show contestant call a very young playback singer a Legend. I could not but help raise my eyebrows. In the singer's defense they themselves did not accept the compliment. How did we all learn to just sprinkle such powerful words all the time? Being exposed to more such circumstances sometimes makes me wish for an era long gone, as I have written in earlier posts. An era where a compliment was rare. And when it did come we knew that it was, in material terms, like having struck gold. But to those who know, these words have neither parallel nor substitute.
Someone I spoke to happened to also say that we must measure the words we speak and make sure it is fitting whenever we speak them. We say that words once spoken cannot be taken back, we say its like shattered glass or spilt milk. The more positive allegory that I have heard a lot of people of the older generation say - equating the spoken word to pearls. To point out that words have value.
Coming back, I wonder what it would have been like if life had been kinder to MJ. We would have had him around longer perhaps. On a selfish note, someday I would have had the chance to see him perform live. More than anything else, it would have been a reminder to the world that this is not just it, but this is what Genius is all about. Perhaps more. But definitely nothing less.


Unknown said...

Me the first 2 comment!!

Well...thats exactly wat Mr. Rahman said...we cud have been kinder to him...repenting for it after death..

yupp...measure words we speak...had a bad experience this morning...ya..they r more fierce than a bullet

Vijai said...

Ya Chin...its true..
I would say now there is a vacuum in the word 'P_P'. the 'O' is empty and who can fill it?
[ i remember the song you,benny and others made]. The prelude with his voice made my eyes wet. !!

Saras said...

People think that they impress others by flattery and utter words which are empty and worthless. The need to control one's urge to speak was well documented by the Greats like Shakespeare, who said: "Lend thy ears to many, but to few thy Voice"."Brevity is the Soul of Wit" "Spoken words and spilt water are Irretrievable", "While it is for the Mediocrity to Speak, It is for the Genius to Observe"

EsKay said...

Geniuses (and creative people) are in general eccentric - hard to understand. Creativity comes from being slightly abnormal or non conventional. Read J.K for better knowledge. They should be seen like proverbs just as Kamal says in Pammal KS, "anubhavikkanum aaraayak koodaathu". :-)

Had life been kinder, MJ might not have taken the whole thing as a challenge and wdnt have given so many memorable songs. It is always intereting to think 'what if?' but no one knows the answer for sure.

reva said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Now that I have read yr post on 'This is it', am eagerly waiting to see this documentary on MJ, the legend.Ofcourse I agree with you in terms of using the right words to comprehend the right people , but well sometimes even in our daily life we do appreciate our children...saying.."Chellam u are the best in the whole world ,no one can do better than you"...such is a way of encouragement, not neccesarily the truth!.When a person is universally accepeted as a legend , a genius it is 100% voted hence he or she is truly stands up to the "WORDS".A small thought that I have shared here....hope u have not mistaken me.thank you.

பிரியமுடன்... said...

தயிர் சாதத்திலிருந்து
டக்குன்னு மைக்கேல் ஜாக்சனுக்கு
தாவினால் எப்படி!!!!
கொஞ்சம் கேப் கொடுத்திருக்கலாம்!
காரப் பூரிக்கு அப்புறம் சொன்னால் கொஞ்சம் நல்லாயிருந்திருக்கும்...
ஹ..ஹா...இருந்தாலும், சின்மயி சொல்லிட்டா ஏற்றுக்கொள்ள வேண்டியதுதான்!

Kiara said...

People however, do have to accept that during his existence they disregarded him and found faults. Only when he left the face of the earth they appreciated his significance.

Deepak said...

Hmmm, People generally tend to get carried away! Words like Genius,Legend etc., have become substitution for the word 'good'. Its a problem in people planning their speech! Good that you pointed it out :-)

Coming back to MJ, he is The King of POP! No doubt! I happened to watch his last interview. He was so soft spoken. Just when the music was on, he started to dance like magic.
The interviewer asked where did it come from all off a sudden?
MJ just smiled. Humility marked all over the smile!


Something unrelated to this post
Ma'am, I have always had this doubt. Why do you change your voice in almost every song? Is it your own choice or Music Director's demand?

Karthikeyan said...

Same is the case with the other end of the spectrum. When someone calls another "Idiot". "Idiot" as told by a doctor friend of mine is the one extreme on the intelligence scale and "genius" is the other. As rightly said, people need to be more careful in uttering these words and not make it banal.

Deepa said...

//Its my humble opinion which has taken root even more in me, after this evening, that the words Genius and Legend cannot be used at the drop of a hat. //

I second your opinion 100%.
And also, this habit of touching the feet. I mean, it is perfectly fine to fall at the feet of real legends. or atleast very elderly people. But touching the feet of celebrities, merely because they are judges, irks me. (evn though it's only child contestants who do that)

//talent show contestant call a very young playback singer a Legend. //

hmm.. talent shows.. Don't be too surprised if in the next series they call the prev contestants themselves legends!

Sathish Mayil said...

MJ was phenomenon which happens rarely. We may or may not see somebody who can overwhelmingly conquer the domain he/she is in. I also feel bad that I was never able to see him on stage even once.

"I wonder what it would have been like if life had been kinder to MJ".

I won't agree with that, Life was kind to him, that's why a boy who was from such a poor, low background was able to have the world at his feet. However he failed to hold on to it. MJ's life is a stark remainder to all that no matter how talented you are, how rich you are, you must not become dogmatic and move away from the world.

Sownthar said...

That one was really good,, immaterial words,, I liked that much,,, hey Letz pray God to give love and peace,, what could we do rather...

R Sathyamurthy said...

Instead of saying world hasn't been kind to MJ I would say God hasn't been kind to us for he has taken away this adoringly fantastic man so soon and so unexpectedly.

I was ignited when I saw his video for the first time over 20 years back.

We call every Tom, Dick and Harry a performer, leave alone calling them a legend.

Like another commenter pointed out here, I could not but feel my eyes go moist when I think of the humility that MJ showed and that disarming smile.

Oh My God, is he performing THERE?