Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Latest Release in Uthara Swayamvaram for M Jayachandran

I have sung for M Jayachandran sir after quite a while and like every song that I have recorded for him, this one is also very special. This is a duet with Vijay Yesudas, perhaps the next release after our duet in Pokkisham. Jayachandran sir is a strict task master and he gave me my break in Malayalam with the song in the album Swandham. Except for Thilakam, every song I have sung in Malayalam movies is for him. He is soft spoken, supra patient with teaching me  the song and Malayalam and has told me several times that I am like his little sister. And I have loved his music and his style.
The last few times I sang for M Jayachandran sir, there was this interesting guy called Sainoj, a very good singer who proclaimed that he would be my Malayalam Guru, who would also guide me on the singing and pronunciation. We met and spoke mostly during recordings, during the lunch breaks if and when they happened around the time of the sessions. Occasionally he used to drop a line on Orkut. I am given to understand that he has a couple of tremendous hits to his name recently and was touted to be one of the fastest rising singers there. But then God did have different plans and one day a few weeks ago he collapsed, slipped into a coma and eventually slipped away. This I came to know several days after he passed on, at a time when I had gone to record a song at the studio where we worked together. I have remembered mom saying that that some people do not have permission to leave this world. I don't think Sainoj had anyone's permission either. He was fun, cracking jokes and every recording session used to be what good memories are made of. Thinking of him will always bring a smile to my face which he constantly used to ask me to do. Smile that is.
I am admiring Vijay Yesudas's singing in this song. Have a listen and let me know what you think. And I hope Sainoj is listening somewhere and smiling in his own special way and I remember a very distant "Aniyathi.... smile cheyyu!!"


Imagination said...

It's really sad to read about Sainoj. My sincere condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

Ularal said...

No good singer has permission to leave this world. Very sad to hear. May his soul rest in peace.

M GANESAN said...

Thanks for sharing us about Your malayalam duet song with Mr.Vijay Yesudas.

It is very sad to hear about Mr.Sainoj.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes God acts in mysterious ways for reasons better known to Him only.

Vijay Narain said...

Disheartening to hear about Sainoj. The ways of the world are indeed mysterious. For they were never meant to be clear cut in the first place. No one asked us to go seek reason behind everything happening in the universe. For it's something we'll never find. All we can do is seek solace in words such as "destiny" "fate" "God's will". Having been born the way we are, I think it's best to live with the knowledge that there's just one life and there's no guarantee whatsoever when there'll be an end to it. And live that one small life fulfilling what pleases us. Ok way beyond point, and almost lamenting. Good luck with the song.

sundar said...

Really sad to know about Sainoj.

MJ is one of my lifetime fav. singers. Though I am a Tamilian, I used to keep following his malayalam songs also. His recent 'kanda naal mudhal annu kanda naal mudhal' is an excellant one.

Vijay Yesudoss is also a promising singer.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Hi Chinmayi,

Sorry this is not about the MJ song! ( I think I wrote about it in one of your earlier posts, I listened to it a few months back in musicindia online and liked it ).

This is about ARR's latest 'VTV'. Amazingly fresh album. Just finished listening to it. Very refreshing and different from other ARR albums.

One of the movies many here are looking forward to. Gautham Menon is my favorite these days !

Loved your song ! Way to go. Who is 'Devan Ekambaram' he good old Devan with new name ?

Didn't know your email id, So, thought I'll plug the msg. here, pardon me.

Best Regards

MMC said...

Sainoj, if I'm not wrong, was suffering from blood cancer. Had he lived, he surely would've reached great heights....RIP!

roshan said...

Sainoj................ Same as the story of Sahul Hameed just when he is about to rule the regional music,

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing some inside stories with us common folks. I was directed to this blog through a ARR fan club and have been a regular visitor. I admire your singing.....I mostly only listen to ARR sir's music and just absolutely adore your songs with him.

Keep up the great work and God Bless