Friday, January 22, 2010


How many lines and quotations we have read and heard eventhough some of them are done to death. Smile. It improves your face value. Smile is a curve that sets everything straight. And lines like that. Funny, I only remember the done-to-death ones and not the interesting ones. There are wellness books and make-your-life-better books which would definitely put in a page/chapter that eulogises the Smile. Sitting here at KLIA and generally watching the people that have been walking in and out the past couple of hours, I haven't seen one smile yet. Yeah, well, no one might be in a mood to smile this early in the morning after a flight. At least the one from Chennai to KL neither gives you time enough for a good shut-eye nor is it short enough for you to stay awake and read or do whatever.
Was on my way home yesterday after only a few hundred things that had to be done and completed, to pick up the bags with nerves that were already bunched up. It was getting uncomfortably late. I looked out through the window at the buses. And the people traveling in them. Have several memories of the PTC. And then I saw this couple perhaps in their very late sixties or early seventies. The lady had a scarf around her ears. They had a nice aura to them. Perhaps someone does know when you look at them and the man caught my eye and he seemed to say something to his wife. By the time she turned to look something else had caught my attention. After a while I looked out at the buses again and his time I saw the lady looking at me. Not something I do all the time, but I waved out to them. Just felt like I should. And then they broke into one of the nicest smiles I have seen in a long while. They waved back. And then we went our separate ways.
2008 December. Was just finishing my breakfast show on radio and was getting back home. And I got this call enroute that Sridhar sir had passed on. I couldn't help the tears that flowed. I didn't think about what would someone think if they saw me crying and all that jazz. I noticed in a little while that I was quite a sight. And then there were these two girls on a two-wheeler in front of my vehicle. They waved out, caught my attention and mouthed a "Smile" and gesticulated for good measure.  More than a year later, I still vividly remember them and that signal.
The adults do everything they can to get one smile from babies. They coo, make funny faces, dance, blab... anything. And as we grow up, they are taught to wipe the smile off. So that kids can look "mature" at 6 and 3 quarters. And for several other important reasons like that.
Anyway, there is this lady "rekwethin passenjuhs thu prosceed foh bohdhing" and I better heed her call. Naresh Iyer and I are performing there tomorrow and am quite looking forward to it. Perhaps this will also be a tweeny holiday.
And here I wish for you that you come across smiles that brighten your day and give you memories that are special just as they have for me.
God bless.
P.S.: Read this amazing article in the inflight magazine of MH. And surprisingly it spoke about the happiest countries in the world - namely Bhutan, Denmark, Malawi and a few other places. And they had these wonderfully smiling pictures of children in Malawi. Perhaps it was the theory of attraction at play. On an off note, this issue of the MH magazine is one of the best that I have read.


Madhumitha said...

For god-sake, please do write a book! Please, among the hundred other things that you do, plz... I am sure I would gift everyone of my friends a copy if you would do that!

It just brightens up the day; gives a positive bout of energy. Hope your day goes on great too! Bringing lots of smile and cheer to you and everyone around!

Thank you for the great post! :) :) :)

Vijay Narain said...


Unknown said...

Now that I have your blog in my reader...I am reading everyday :) we don't realize most of the times the gift we have. We can make someones day for free ... Early on in my life I decided that in everything I do I am going to try and put a smile on someones face...and I still keep trying...Amen to what you've written...The world will be a better place if we all smile and try to make others smile too. Take care and have a wonderful trip...

R-ambam said...

Smiles to go before we sleep .. uh ?

Beautiful write up !

Meow said...

:) True Chinmayee :) Ppl don't smile back rather they stare... I went to an interview and I smiled at another candidate who was there.. but she didn't.. a simple thing to do.. but many of us aren't..

Shwetha said...

What a sweet blog, actually brot a smile on my stressed out day. Loved the part about the girls signalling you to smile when you were emotional about Mr.Sridhar..

You go girl, have a fab trip in Indonesia.

sadanand said...

Smile is infectious

Smile spreads like a virus. Within few minutes it makes its presence in body of person. Having a smile on one's face (accept funeral, and such occasions) when you are in your home or public places you will notice that persons present over there will automatically have a smile on his/her face and the whole environment becomes pleasant.

Smile helps in business

If you are in business field then, smile can play an important role. I will show you how? Our subconscious mind get pleasant when see any pleasant stuff, than the inner environment of the body becomes pleasant which further products positive responses. So when you have a smile on face the person to whom your meeting for business deals he/she will give more positive response to your talks.

Smile reduces tension force

Having smile on face reduces tension force of the body. How? Our subconscious mind when get the signal of smiling from the face, it pass the signal to whole body to relax which further reduces tension.

Smile reduces blood pressure

Smile on face reduces blood pressure. How? Same reason given above, relaxed body further reduces blood pressure.

Smile create interest in work

Smile on face create interest in work. How? We all know that, when we like doing any work we feel happy, further we express it by smile on face. So when we reverse the process we get apposite result, which is if we put smile on face our subconscious mind gets direction that we are happy with our work which further gives signal to mind, that further results by creating interest in our work.

So by above reasons it might be clearer that what smile on face can do?

M GANESAN said...

Here is few quotes about "SMILE "

The shortest distance between two people is a smile.A smile is the universal welcome.Every day you spend without a smile, is a lost day.


Rishi said...

Very nice post. Reminded me of that song from Masoom. You've a very interesting blog. Subscribed!

Maya said...


Matangi Mawley said...

SMILE! interesting.. when in college, I keep smiling at anyone whom i could identify.. a few unknown ppl too.. bt, very few of them, returned my smile.. my friends used to scold me.. "why should u get urself embarrassed"? they wd ask.. it doesnt hurt to smile.. i dont expect them to smile back.. at least, by doing so, u can sort out the good nuts! ;)
:D n u remember ppl who smile at u!!?? good then.. if i ever happen to see u somewhere- i wd give u a BIG smile! coz, thts something tht i do best!


roshan said...

Yeah do write a book.....................