Sunday, September 23, 2012

A muted expression

One of the most important things any person in a public domain is told is to watch this and watch that. I mean, everyone has phones with a video recording facility. And there are twerps who install cameras in restrooms and upload them on YouTube. So much so that when we travel abroad on concerts, we don't stay at hotels.

And also, I learn that the fundamental right to expression and speech really doesnt exist, more so for people who everyone watches. But true nonetheless for everyone. You cannot freely discuss something for the sake of argument/learning wondering if it would hurt some said sentiment somewhere. 

Sometimes I ReTweet a link so that people (whoever is interested) could read an opinion about something. Now depending on sensitivity or perceived sensitivity, I would immediately get warnings, be careful, or you'll be trolled. Now I think I could have a masters degree on being trolled, especially because, I belong to a certain 'caste'. Its amazing how uneducated people are inspite of their NRI status.
Nonetheless I am just thinking/realizing that there really isn't anything called freedom of speech.  Not with your friends/family. One will only have freedom of thought. You can think whatever you want. We just need to watch how we (if we do at all) verbalize it into words. 

Lifetimes are spent, without expressing what we want to. We fade in. And we fade out.

And maybe even the concept of freedom is imaginary. Unless and until one is a realized soul. Only they have the good fortune after hours of practice, to be truly free. 

For most where self-realization is not achieved, life perhaps passes by and is lived, with the mute button on, in most cases.


Anonymous said...

Would prefer the word 'Still' to 'Mute' :-). Its richer and gives wider scope: 1. you remain motionless 2. you remain soundless, and more importantly 3 (when meaning 'nevertheless') You Tolerate, as in,
Still, she remained still.

I know this is rubbing salt, but, language provides some comical relief, you see.

Anonymous said...

It sure depends on how he or she chooses to use freedom. You for instance chose to go ahead and give aspiring, and over-achieving singers and blue-lives, like me pointers on how tricky it is to achieve balance in life. And contribute by saying the least and remaining anonymous.

Rajesh alias Balasubramanian said...

True. You started frrm freedom of speech and ended at self-realization

Anonymous said...

Howabout some of these quotes?

1)With great freedom comes great responsibility
2)Sathyam brooyath, priyam brooyath, na brooyath sathyam apriyam
3)Yaakaavaar aayinum naa kaakka, kaavaakkal, soll izhukka paattu?

Probably you meant to vent out..if so, these fundas can be frustrating...sorry..


Unknown said...
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Zeus said...

Hello Lady,
This reply might be entirely out of context with the Blog it is commented on..Didn't know exactly what was the noise around Twitter.. that was until i saw ur post in FB, then jumped on to your blog. Ur talented / Wonderful.. write extremely well. Strong and what not. Just got to say ..Ur doing what ur heart says and thts the way to go about it . Kudos to u...

Anonymous said...

well..choosing to stay muted depends on the person per se. only few can be carefree and frank with their thoughts/opinions wherever they are.The rest just prefer to adjust and accomodate everyone else.


Megalith Man said...

"And maybe even the concept of freedom is imaginary. Unless and until one is a realized soul. Only they have the good fortune after hours of practice, to be truly free. ".. liked that :)

Unknown said...

Your one of the female celebrity i have admired who stand by yourself ! Kudos for your talent ,hard work and immense courage to be yourself and to achieve :) <3 Talent never fails!